Here’s what the future of saying ‘yes’ looks like

When you think of a typical business agreement, what’s the most obvious image that springs to mind? Until recently, most people would say, “Two people in sharp suits, shaking hands at a boardroom desk.” In 2020, that image went out the window.

As we announced recently, new research by Docusign shows that business agreements are being signed in weird and wonderful places, by people in all sorts of attire – not a suit or tie in sight. 

In fact, the act of signing agreements has changed so much – and so quickly – that we decided that the world’s bank of agreement-themed stock photography needed an upgrade. We’re super excited about our new image gallery on Unsplash called ‘Reimagining the Photography of Agreements’ and hope you can all find a use for the free images on there.

A look at the data behind the images

The images in our Unsplash gallery are a long way from your typical boardroom. People are elbow-bumping, coffee-clinking, thumbs-upping and more. We’ve even got people signing agreements on their phone at the beach, after a morning surf. 

Inspiration for all the images came from the research and we’re loving the fact that people have more freedom in terms of where and how they sign agreements. 

Here are some of the stats we’re loving most from the research. 

Agreements Re-Imagined Infographic Agreements Re-Imagined Infographic Agreements Re-Imagined Infographic Agreements Re-Imagined Infographic Agreements Re-Imagined Infographic

What’s the last agreement you signed?

In the research, one respondent told us that the last agreement she signed was to have her parrot cared for while she was overseas. Another signed an agreement with their partner about cleaning an apartment. 

Think about the last agreement you signed. It might have been something for your kids’ school. Something at work. Or something a little wackier. Whatever it was, we hope it was an easy digital process and you were able to do it at a time and place that suited you – no business suits in sight.

Meantime, check out our free gallery of images that show just how far we’ve come when it comes to sealing business deals and signing agreements. 

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