Collect signatures and payments in one easy step with Docusign Payments

From sales contracts to insurance policies, event registrations to monthly fees, every business owner would surely agree that collecting signatures and payments at the same time just makes sense. When they’re kept separate, payment delays, wasted time and lost revenue ensue. In fact, 65% of businesses deal with payment delays and failure to collect. Not ideal, right?

To fix the problem, you can request payments and signatures in one easy step using the simple and PCI-complaint Docusign Payments feature. As a new datasheet from Docusign shows, Docusign Payments will save you time and make it easier than ever to get paid.

To bring Docusign Payments to life, Docusign is partnering with leading payment gateways. This means users can make payments with any major credit or debit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay. Say goodbye to inaccuracies and chasing up payment delays. Docusign Payments allows you to spend more time growing your business and delivering stellar customer experiences.

Key benefits of Docusign Payments:

This handy tool is designed to make collecting signatures and payments a breeze. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Quick set up – Get payments sent to your bank account in just a few steps so you can automatically begin accepting credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.
  • Mobile Deliver a superior customer experience with the ability to sign and pay anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Flexible – Request payments that meet your business needs including one-time payments (fixed, formula-based and signer-determined amounts) or future and recurring payments.
  • Intuitive – Use our interface to easily drag-and-drop the “Payments” tag on your agreement.
  • Secure – Stay confident with our unparalleled security with strong encryption practices. No payment data is stored with Docusign.
  • Partners — Rely on names you trust with our pre-built integrations with the leading payment gateways.

Take the stress out of collecting payments by rolling them straight into your agreements process. Get paid on your terms through our secure, simple interface.

“Docusign Payments is all about streamlining and simplifying the agreement process and, more importantly, making it easier than ever for businesses to collect payments. After all, business owners should be spending less time chasing outstanding payments and more time on customer relationships, innovation and growth,” said Andrea Dixon, Senior Director, APAC Marketing.

Ready to streamline your payments?

Download the datasheet on Docusign Payments and share it with your leaders today. They’ll be thrilled when you show them how it can help the business get paid faster and more reliably, while reducing the risk of non-payment.

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