4 reasons why Docusign CLM was named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CLM

Docusign CLM has secured a top spot in the leaders’ quadrant of Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). Up against 11 other vendors in the inaugural report for this category, our solution stood out for a range of reasons, which we summarise in a new datasheet on the Docusign CLM.

As the datasheet explains, Docusign CLM’s excellent product capabilities and integration with Salesforce, paired with its unique ability to understand customers’ needs, make it a perfect solution for sell-side contracting. And it’s why Gartner has given it such a big tick of approval.

What does it take to be a leader?

According to Gartner, “Leaders are in the strongest position to influence the market's growth and direction. They demonstrate a market-defining vision of how CLM technology can help companies achieve business objectives for managing compliance and reducing process bottlenecks.”

When it comes to requesting contracts, managing negotiations, comparing documents and getting signed approvals, Docusign CLM is ahead of the pack. Its ability to streamline every step in the agreement process saves businesses time, reduces risk of error, and keeps business moving forward.

In fact, one company reduced its contract time to completion by 75% thanks to Docusign CLM. Another has automated a massive 80% of its contract work. Results like these speak for themselves; but just to be clear, here’s how Docusign CLM makes life easier for businesses large and small.

It accelerates the sales cycle

Businesses often bemoan the fact that contract creation and negotiation is a manual, slow process. Docusign CLM speeds up the sales cycle with clear workflows and automation, taking the burden off admin staff.

It eliminates bottlenecks

When the approvals process is complex or requires legal oversight, it can create lags in the sales chain. With Docusign CLM, the next step is always clear, so momentum can be maintained.

It’s a one-stop shop

Docusign CLM houses contracts together in one place. No more scrambling to find documents. No more muddling through multiple systems. And, most importantly, no more frustrated customers or workflow bottlenecks. 

It offers a superior customer experience

According to Gartner, the customer experience is one of Docusign CLM’s best attributes, scoring top marks for working with customers through the evaluation and negotiation phase and for its overall service and support. 

Get set for automated, organised workflows  

“With unparalleled customer support, intuitive features and seamless Salesforce integration, businesses can complete more deals with less people power using Docusign CLM,” said Andrea Dixon, Senior Director, APAC Marketing.

“We’re delighted to be named a leader by Gartner, and continue to work hard in ensuring that our CLM is a premium product in the Docusign Agreement Cloud.”

If you’re ready to start leveraging the benefits of Docusign CLM, why not share this datasheet on Docusign CLM with your leaders? Then prepare to take your contracts from go-to-woah in record time.

Otherwise, contact sales to get started today.

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