Industry spotlight: Finserv company transforms home loans with Docusign and Salesforce

The first blog of our industry series explores how Docusign’s solution engineers help customers solve specific problems. Mohamed Ali, Lead Solution Architect, shares how we built a custom solution with Salesforce to streamline the home loan experience.

When you think of home loans, what do you picture? A slow process? Lots of paperwork? To-ing and fro-ing between lenders and customers? Too often, the answer is yes, yes, and yes. So when one of our financial services customers came to us asking for help in transforming their home loan process, we leapt at the chance to reinvigorate a slow and cumbersome process.

Our customer was looking for a way to automate as much of the home loan process as possible, while delivering a professional, polished experience to customers. 

Previously, the process of executing home loan documents was time consuming and costly for the credit union. There was no standardisation when it came to document generation, with multiple systems being used across the business. This added an unacceptable level of risk to what was already a slow process. 

They sought a new way to manage the home loan process. And they knew exactly what they wanted – a centralised, single system for generating and executing home loan documents, that would:

  • Fit in with their existing architecture
  • Meet rigorous security and governance requirements
  • Be very easy and intuitive for non-technical bank staff to use, and simple for admins to maintain without code

Our solution engineers worked closely with Salesforce and the customer to build a proof of concept using Docusign Gen for Salesforce. The organisation already used Salesforce, so it was a logical extension of their existing investment and satisfied their requirement to fit in with existing technologies. 

The solution generates a loan offer document, and sends it for execution using Docusign eSignature via Mulesoft. Customers can log onto the mobile banking app, view the entire loan offer in the app, and respond accordingly. 

The responsive mobile capabilities were a key selling point, with Docusign’s advanced capabilities creating an extremely user-friendly signing experience. With collapsible smart sections, users can very easily navigate through long and complex documents.

Another selling point was Docusign’s capacity to store the home loan documents within Australia. This satisfied the credit union’s data residency requirements, while the Docusign audit trail provided further assurance about the security of the solution.


Got a problem you need solving? As the above example shows, Docusign’s solution engineers love a good challenge. If you’ve got a specific business problem that needs solving, get in touch to see how they can help you.

Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali
Lead Solution Architect