How HQ Law uses DocuSign to deliver exceptional legal services

Nestled in the heart of Bendigo, HQ Law stands as a vital pillar in the community, specialising in family law, wills and estates, child protection, and conveyancing. 

Their mission statement? To provide legal support during life's most significant milestones. 

Core to this is HQ Law’s use of technology to uplift its client engagement. After ramping up its use of DocuSign eSignature during the remote working boom, HQ Law effectively reimagined its approach to serving the community—with efficiency, flexibility, and security.

Today, they employ DocuSign to significantly boost turnaround times for conveyancing transactions—whilst reducing costs. We spoke with Paige Crouch to explore three ways HQ Law uses DocuSign to deliver exceptional legal services. Let’s dive in.

Seamless client experience and flexibility

HQ Law understands that legal matters often require quick and efficient actions. With DocuSign eSignature, HQ Law can handle last-minute changes or create entirely new documents swiftly. This flexibility is especially crucial when dealing with time-sensitive matters, such as property settlements.

HQ Law were able to seamlessly integrate DocuSign with its legal platform and Outlook—where the majority of their time is spent.

The ability to electronically sign documents in as little as 10 minutes has proven to be a game-changer for both HQ Law and its clients. It eliminates the stress and delays associated with in-person signings and allows clients to finalise agreements promptly and remotely.

“We’ve had clients who are travelling around Australia or elsewhere and have had to sign a document while they’re away. It’s been very convenient for them to sign electronically via DocuSign—taking the stress out of worrying how they’re going to get it signed remotely,” Paige added.

Whether clients are physically present or travelling around Australia, HQ Law provides the convenience of remote signing, reducing the logistical challenges of obtaining signatures.

Furthermore, the adoption of DocuSign significantly reduced client turnaround times.

“Initially, we would follow a client up after three days and now we automatically receive signed contracts back within a day,” Paige said.

This has increased turnaround times significantly, representing a 66% improvement in relation to the time it takes to obtain signatures from clients, allowing HQ Law to serve their clients faster and more effectively.

“We used to spend around 40 minutes preparing and finalising the bigger contracts—those with around 300 pages or so. Now, we can complete these in 10 minutes,” Paige added.

On a broader scale, shifting to a digital workflow has given HQ Law back 750 hours each year. This newfound time enables them to focus on engaging with clients, offering legal advice, and addressing complex legal challenges. 

Additionally, the firm realised the added benefit of reducing operational costs, having cut down on their need to print and post documents to clients. What’s more, is it’s allowed HQ Law to drop its printing and postage costs from annual conveyancing client fees, extending cost savings to clients too. 

Robust security and compliance

In the legal field, maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance is paramount—and in a heightened cyber threat landscape, HQ Law understands the importance of safeguarding confidential information.

“When we had our initial meetings and considering taking on DocuSign, there was a lot of reassurance about how well the security features were set up,” Paige said.

Moreover, being ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified, PCI compliant, and TRUSTe certified ensures that HQ Law easily meets compliance requirements. DocuSign offers a controlled signing process, a comprehensive audit trail, signer verification, and state-of-the-art encryption. 

Not only does this protect the integrity of confidential legal documents, but it ensures that every contract signed using DocuSign is court-admissible too.

Beyond security, the trust and credibility of the DocuSign brand has helped to ease some clients in their shift to digital signing. “DocuSign being a well-known and trusted brand also helps to reassure clients. Many times, they’ve already heard about DocuSign and are familiar with it,” page concluded.

The partnership between DocuSign and HQ Law is testament to how technology can truly uplift the customer experience, provide more flexible ways of working, and instil trust in a brand.