How Creative Vision uses DocuSign to instil confidence in the construction industry

At the heart of the construction industry's intricate dance between builders, regulators, and clients, Creative Vision (CV) acts as a trusted and reliable partner.

Operating seamlessly across the eastern seaboard, CV has established itself as a distinguished project management firm, specialising in a comprehensive suite of services ranging from project management to superintendent roles. 

In this piece, we spoke to David Kamel, Director at Creative Vision to discuss three ways the firm is using DocuSign to streamline workloads, instil trust, and deliver on their mission.

Laying the foundations of trust

CV's commitment to excellence is underscored by its recent renewal of the iCIRT certification, earning a gold star rating—an exceptional accolade in the construction industry. 

This certification, mandated by the NSW State Government, is a testament to CV's reliability and transparency, and is underpinned by DocuSign’s ability to facilitate trusted processes for contracts and agreements among all parties.

Digital technology takes centre stage as one of the government’s six pillars of reform implemented to improve transparency, accountability and quality of work in the industry. 

"DocuSign really represents that entire pillar. With one solution, we’ve demonstrated how we’ve covered that. It creates a holistic approach to building and maintaining trust." 

By relying on DocuSign's secure and efficient eSignature solution, CV not only upholds the gold star rating but also achieves International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 21500 certification and Integrated Management System (IMS) certification, setting the foundation for total project control.

Streamlining workflows for greater confidence

Trust is often built in the details, and CV excels in this regard by leveraging DocuSign to streamline their procurement processes. From tendering to design approval and contract execution, DocuSign acts as a digital foreman in CV's operations. 

With DocuSign, CV is able to facilitate a seamless flow of documentation, ensuring efficiency and reliability in dealings with consultants, head contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

David highlights the impact on stakeholders, saying that, "A lot of stakeholders recognise DocuSign and love that we use DocuSign. They don’t have to sit there for 30 minutes and fill out paperwork; it’s just sign and you’re done." 

CV estimates that DocuSign eSignature has helped the team achieve a 40% increase in efficiency in their procurement processes. This commitment to efficiency not only saves time but also contributes to a positive perception of CV, reinforcing trust in every interaction.

The integration of DocuSign with Procore, a leading construction management software, also ensures a smooth and transparent process across the entire project lifecycle, from onboarding subcontractors to executing contracts seamlessly. 

“Clients appreciate the time-saving benefits, and the entire process fosters a sense of ease and trust,” said David.

Liberating staff for strategic impact

Looking at the business itself and how internal operations and productivity have benefited from implementing DocuSign, David highlighted how the team has been given the autonomy to concentrate on more valuable work.

“From a staff perspective, they can better focus on the key elements of their job. It’s created an efficiency where they can spend more time on dispute resolution, value engineering, and dealing with communication with clients. It allows us to always be two steps ahead of a project.” 

Being able to spend more time on such tasks has only added a layer of trust between CV and its stakeholders—whether that be contractors or clients.

Not only has the CV team been freed up from mundane tasks, the business estimates it’s saving roughly $5,000 per project by negating the need to print and post documents to hundreds of parties.

David also emphasises the impact on business growth, saying that, "From a business perspective, it gives me a lot of time and capacity to be working on the business and not in the business." For business leaders like David who are so passionately involved in the day-to-day operations, it can sometimes be hard to free up headspace to focus on the bigger picture. With DocuSign, he simply can.

In conclusion, CV’s journey to rebuild trust in the construction industry is exemplified by their strategic use of DocuSign. Through the lens of three critical aspects—gold star leadership, streamlined procurement, and seamless integration—CV showcases how a commitment to trust, paired with innovative solutions, can reshape the narrative of an entire industry. 

The partnership between CV and DocuSign is not just about efficiency; it's about instilling trust at every step and setting a standard for excellence in the construction sector.

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