How this Aussie allied health provider uses automation to deliver warmth and compassion to clients

When it comes to the healthcare industry, some believe that technology and automation can depersonalise patient care – making it colder and less compassionate. However, one Australian allied health provider is challenging this notion; leveraging technology and automation to deliver warmth and compassion to its clients. 

Altius Group is a leading integrated workplace health and wellbeing organisation, providing premium end-to-end health solutions to support businesses and people in restoring their physical and mental health. 

By integrating innovative tools, like HubSpot, and automated systems into their operations, they have found a way to enhance the human touch of delivering disability care – all while providing exceptional care and maximising productivity within their team.  

Breaking down barriers for a seamless experience

At the heart of Altius’ approach is understanding that the integration of technology and automation results in better quality care for their clients. 

“When we leverage technology, like Docusign, this enhances the experience for our clients. We’re removing the barriers that might prevent them from getting the care they need sooner. It’s about simplification – understanding they need a stress-free and compassionate care journey,” said Nick Park, General Manager of Digital & Technology at Altius.  

The integration of Docusign has had a profound impact on Altius’ efficiency, client experience, and overall business outcomes. One of the significant improvements has been the reduction in Disability Service’s agreement turnaround time. 

With Docusign, Altius was able to reduce the turnaround time for a typical care plan agreement from two to three weeks to be signed and returned, to just two days – getting vital support to those who need it quicker than before.

“With Docusign, we’ve transformed the way we handle care plan agreements, making it faster, more secure, and incredibly convenient for both our team and our clients. We’re no longer dealing with lengthy paperwork, printing, signing scanning, and emailing back and forth. Now, our clients can easily review and sign documents – with a couple of quick taps on their phone.” 

“We're getting through the same work at a much faster clip, but we're then able to provide value-add services that we didn't have bandwidth to deliver before.”

Balancing efficiency and empathy

Efficiency isn’t the only success metric Altius’ chooses to focus on as an organisation.  

“Although we’ve seen major gains in productivity since implementing Docusign, what I’m most proud of – and passionate about – is the dramatic impact we’re having on people’s lives.” 

“At its most simple, we get to deliver care sooner. Instead of having to say: It’s going to be three weeks before we can start taking care of you because of a drawn-out paperwork process, we can now say: By the end of the week, we’ll have the agreement sorted and can start scheduling your care plan. This alleviates some of the stress and anxiety for our clients – which can be life changing.” 

Altius has managed to strike the balance between making productivity efficiencies for the business and delivering empathetic care for clients. 

“Bringing in Docusign into the process has had a huge impact on the way we interact with our clients. We’re seeing our client engagement shift from being very practical and administrative to delivering more personalised care. Their team can focus more on building relationships, providing guidance and support that’s so important to the work we do.”

And that’s the heart of the matter for Nick and the Altius team. They’re not just focused on using technology to streamline Altius’ work processes. What excites them most is the difference they’re making in everyday people's lives.

“That’s why working in this space is so meaningful. With technology like Docusign, we can get on the front foot and make things easier for people by quickly securing the support they need in their lives.”