[Customer Spotlight] Helu-Trans finds a better way to handle fine art

Helu-Trans Group is Asia’s leading art handler and storage provider. A commitment to quality and reliability has earned it the trust of local and regional art institutions, collectors, artists and galleries. More recently, the business has expanded its services to offer household moves. Matthew Chow, Chief Operating Officer, talks about how the business is modernising its operations as well.

Your company has been around for nearly forty years and it sounds like you’re continuing to excel in your field. What led you to digitise your business?

We’ve built a solid reputation based on our service, but we reached a point where we needed to modernise our operations to maintain that. So we implemented Salesforce and started to standardise and digitise processes. This included all our customer facing processes like quotes, contracts and deliveries. We wanted to streamline these processes and operate in a more professional way.

Let’s talk about how you digitised your delivery notes. What were some of the pain points you experienced when using paper and pen out in the field?

In the past, our customer service team would create and print out delivery notes each morning to be used by our delivery agents. The agents would hand these slips over to the customer at the point of delivery, asking them to sign their name and provide feedback on our service. The agents would  bring all the notes back to the office at the end of the day where they would be scanned in and attached to customer records.

This basically meant that we had no visibility as to when a package had been delivered and whether it had been signed for until the agent was back in the office and the delivery note was processed. We also had issues with notes getting lost or crumpled to the point they were unreadable.

How has the use of Docusign improved this process?

Docusign for Salesforce has helped us to digitise delivery notes and get full visibility of every delivery made. The digital delivery notes are created using information from Salesforce and then pushed out to agents on a tablet or mobile. They take their devices out on deliveries and hand them over to customers to collect signatures and feedback during the delivery. Once signed, the electronic forms are instantly attached to Salesforce. This then triggers an email to our customer service team that the delivery has been made and they can follow up as needed.

What other benefits are you seeing as a result of digitising delivery notes?

The biggest benefits for us are the time savings and being able to access more accurate information in real-time. We are saving about ten minutes of admin per delivery and, more importantly, if a customer calls up and wants to know who signed for a delivery, we can instantly see who signed for it and when. There’s no searching through files or deciphering bad hand writing and we know the time is accurate because it’s all electronic.

Another benefit is that we get much more feedback from our customers as all they need to do is select a rating from a pull down menu on the tablet or mobile. I can run reports to look at this feedback and also other aspects of our business such as how many deliveries we’re making during a particular time window. All of this helps us to improve our service and efficiency.

What’s next on your digital journey?

Docusign has helped us eliminate a lot of the errors and inefficiency that comes with doing things manually. As a next step, we’d like to roll it out to other areas of the business and streamline processes like our quotes for household moves.

If you are a Salesforce user and would like to learn more about how Docusign integrates with Salesforce for a streamlined experience, visit our page here.