FUJIFILM Business Innovation streamlines supplier relationships with Docusign

  • 3,000 hours a year saved
  • 100% reduction in printing costs and archiving
  • From days to hours – turnaround time for contract signing reduced.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia’s core business is helping other businesses innovate the way they work – with the support of 1,500 active suppliers across Australia. Despite their efforts to simplify business for their customers, it came at a cost – paperwork. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia knew it needed to innovate its own processes to keep adding more value for customers.

Each year, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia onboards around 100 to 150 new suppliers as it looks to keep up with customer growth and deliver consistent, great customer service. From assessing and onboarding suppliers to dealing with compliance and execution of contracts, everything was done manually.

Each document had to be printed, signed and scanned and both a paper and an electronic copy had to be stored – a cost not only to the business but to the environment.

This led to delays as well as difficulties in keeping track of where processes were up to. Fuji Xerox Australia were worried they were spending too much time on manual handling of documents that they could otherwise be investing in supplier relationship and process improvement activities.

No more document delays

Enter Docusign. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia worked with Docusign to streamline document execution for master services agreements, statements of work, ordering documents and supplier onboarding forms. The use case was extended to compliance and payment approval forms.

By digitising these document sets, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia has been able to:

  • Create, dispatch, edit and sign contracts from mobile devices
  • Make changes to documents quickly which are then reflected immediately across all versions
  • Reduced likelihood of incomplete contracts as Docusign requires each field to be completed before suppliers move onto the next
  • Significantly increase visibility into where the signing process is up to and what needs to happen next, keeping things moving
  • Spend less time on manual processes and more time to investing in developing relationships with suppliers.

“One of the success factors for the procurement team is our ability to work seamlessly with suppliers. Docusign’s eSignature technology enables the team to work far more quickly, so that time that was previously spent on creating and chasing manual contracts or other forms, is now used to build better relationships with suppliers,” says Marcus Bracken, Head of Procurement for FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia.

Beyond supplier contract management

Now FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia is looking to draw on the benefits of digital contracting throughout its own organisation. From employee contracts to personal expense claims and using Docusign Agreement Cloud for Sales to enhance its sales contracting process with customers, internal innovation is key to how FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia will keep supporting customer innovation.

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