Simplify Electronic Signatures on Websites Built with Microsoft Power Pages

Every organisation runs on agreements. No matter what industry you’re in, which customers you serve or how many employees you have, your team needs a well-oiled agreement process to function. However, not every team has a fully staffed team of developers to create and manage websites with seamless integrations to modern agreement technology.

Without a smooth experience to collect electronic signatures, organisations have to fall back on manual methods like mailing ink-and-paper documentation or printing, signing and scanning paperwork. Those outdated processes slow down the speed of business and might even introduce unnecessary risks.

To solve that problem, we’re proud to announce seamless interoperability between Microsoft Power Pages and Docusign eSignature. It’s a simple way for organisations without large teams of specialised developer resources to manage election signature collection and do business more efficiently.

A better experience for Power Pages makers

Power Pages is built for organisations and governments around the world that need to create external websites to serve their customers, partners and constituents. It’s a tool that lets citizen developers quickly build websites that are robust enough to accommodate modern digital workflows. Today’s businesses are building low-code websites with Power Pages to increase their reach and improve relationships with their critical audiences.

This integration takes that experience a step further by allowing Power Pages makers to give customers a secure way to digitally sign documents without leaving their website—even forms that require multiple steps. Teams in any industry can use this functionality to simplify workflows for common documents that need to be signed (e.g. consent forms, medical agreements, benefits forms, license applications, etc.).

Overall, this out-of-the-box integration offers the chance to significantly improve end-user experience on Power Pages sites. Digital users will be able to complete documents faster and easier. By adding eSignature capabilities within Power Pages websites, makers can benefit from the expertise of the world's #1 electronic signature tool.

An easier experience for signers

For many of today’s customers, nothing is more important than a simple, high-quality experience. They’ve signed documents electronically and don’t want to go back to the outdated way of managing that process. They don’t want to switch systems in the middle of signing a document. They don’t want to print anything out or scan and upload a document. They want to manage the entire experience from a single web page in the fewest number of steps possible. That’s exactly what Power Pages and eSignature can offer.

Signers will recognise the Docusign brand name and experience and understand that their agreements will be legal and secure. They’re likely aware of Docusign’s history and trust the brand as a longtime leader in electronic signatures.

“The Power Pages and Docusign eSignature interoperability revolutionises how businesses incorporate e-signatures into web applications and workflows, improving customer experiences across several industries,” said Marcello Majonchi, vice president of product management at Docusign. “It is a testament to the continuous effort between Microsoft and Docusign to make the entire process of agreeing smarter, easier and more trusted.”

More efficient document management before and after signature

Beyond improving stakeholder experience, eSignature also gives Power Pages users a range of powerful agreement management tools that can help streamline internal processes before and after signature. To see how the technology would practically impact a workflow, let’s walk through an example from the public sector.

Consider a state transportation agency hoping to build a web page that can help constituents simplify the process of vehicle registration. That team can use Power Pages to create a low-code website that directly embeds the form fields necessary to register a vehicle. Any site visitor can enter the required information, then provide an electronic signature without ever leaving the page.

Once the signed form is submitted, the agency can automatically save it to SharePoint, where it can be viewed, tracked and managed by users nearly anywhere, at almost any time, from most devices. Agency employees can receive alerts about forms and agreements in Micosoft Teams or even trigger downstream workflows—such as kicking off an invoice—with Microsoft Power Automate.

That’s a simple example of how Power Pages and eSignature can combine to create a simple, powerful signature experience. For organisations in industries that have heavy regulation or unique agreement needs, eSignature has you covered. Today, the world’s biggest players in government, healthcare, financial services, technology and education use Docusign to manage a range of agreement workflows. Whatever your team needs out of an electronic signature tool, we can help.

If you want to learn more about the integration or see it in action, Docusign will be participating in Microsoft Ignite this year.

If your team uses Power Pages, you can read more about the new integration on the Power Pages blog.

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