Domain goes digital with Docusign

By Brad Newton, vice president of Docusign ANZ

As one of Australia’s leading multi-platform property destinations, Domain has a large online presence. Connecting buyers to real estate agents online, it made no sense to continue processing contracts physically, and so, Domain opted to go paperless with Docusign.

The elimination of paper has improved the flexibility and speed of transactions for Domain. By going digital with Docusign, account managers are no longer tied to the office to print, scan and send documents and contracts to customers.

Contract handling time has been reduced by over 90 percent, taking an average of only two minutes to process a contract. The inbuilt reminder system has eliminated the time consuming task of staff having to follow up with customers yet to sign contracts. This has given account managers more time to provide quality service to clients, while seeking out new opportunities for the business.

By digitising contract handling, Domain has experienced a 70 percent reduction in contract rework time, virtually eliminating non-legible writing and missed signatures. In real terms, the effectiveness of Docusign’s platform has resulted in a labour cost savings of over $300,000.

Check out the video below to learn more from Domain Group, Sales Operations Director, Damian Medhurst, on how Docusign has been transformational for Domain.

Docusign is currently used for all Domain sales contracts, and is being rolled out to other forms that require a customer signature, such as change of details requests.

If you too would like to see the same bottom line impacts on your business, request a FREE TRIAL or call Docusign today on 1-800-255-982 to learn how your business can save time and money.

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