We’re Live with the Docusign Winter ‘19 Release!

The Christmas holidays are right around the corner so we’ve got an exciting gift for our customers - the Docusign Winter ‘19 Release!

In line with Docusign’s vision of modernising the world’s Systems of Agreement, we’ve taken special care this quarter to deliver on key customer and partner requests to help you prepare, sign, act on and manage all of your agreements. Now, let’s jump into our latest product updates and enhancements this quarter.

Improved Integration

Docusign for Salesforce is one of our most well-known and well-used connectors, and for good reason - it integrates Docusign into the Salesforce user interface, so your Salesforce users can stay in Salesforce, and it automatically connects Salesforce data into your agreements, saving time and errors. Our latest Docusign for Salesforce 7.2 update includes expanded reporting capabilities and new Process Builder support, which enables automation and sending of envelopes in bulk. For example, you can now automatically send envelopes 30 days before quarter end to kick off your renewals process.

Improved Compliance

For our Australian pharmaceutical, food and chemical manufacturer customers who currently or wish to export to the US market, we've got you covered!

Recent updates to the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) recent Code of Federal Regulations Number 21, Part 11 (21 CFR 11) has increased requirements around the use of electronic records and signatures, so we’ve made several enhancements to our Part 11 Module, making it even easier for Life Sciences customers to maintain compliance.

We’ve brought some familiar features from our core Docusign platform over to the Part 11 Module, including Signature Preview, Bulk Send and Signing Groups Support. This means you can now preview two different layouts of your Part 11 enabled signature on an agreement, send out a regulated agreement to many people at once, and even send your regulated agreement to a predefined group of recipients for sign-off. Customers can start taking advantage of these updates in January.

Improved Usability

For our users who employ assistive or adaptive technologies, we have improved Accessibility Support. Our signing experience has been updated to include enhanced keyboard navigation and controls as well as expanded compatibility with screen readers and browsers based on the US standards and guidelines of Section 508 and Web Content Accessability Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA. These guidelines exist to make web technologies more accessible to people with disabilities such as impaired sight.

New Look

And last but not least is our iOS UX Refresh, which is the new mobile experience you’ll see when using the Docusign app on iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads. As a result of multiple usability studies, the updated Docusign iOS app includes streamlined navigation to help you send and sign agreements faster than ever.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases and as always, take a look at the Release Notes to learn about our latest capabilities.

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