Committed to Scaling Global Impact

We’re thrilled to announce that Docusign is expanding our commitment to social impact with the launch of represents a new approach to social impact for Docusign with a unified strategy that incorporates products, employee engagement, and strategic philanthropic partnerships—including a commitment to donate $1 million to nonprofit organisations in 2024. comprises three initiatives:

  • Docusign for Nonprofits. Empowering nonprofit organisations to fulfill their missions using Docusign IAM (Intelligent Agreement Management).
  • Docusign Impact. Supporting Docusign employees as they drive impact in their local communities through volunteering and matched donations. 
  • Docusign Foundation. Enabling climate action, ecosystem protection, and local impact through strategic grantmaking.

Docusign for Nonprofits increases our effort to support the mission of nonprofits using solutions like Docusign IAM to optimise their agreement processes and operate more efficiently. This enables them to focus more on their missions and deliver better support to the communities they serve. Docusign offers solutions to qualifying nonprofit organisations at a discount, and donates designated web products to organisations with more limited budgets through our partnership with TechSoup.

Docusign Impact

We believe in promoting a culture of giving back and community support. Docusign provides 24 hours of paid time off each year for employees to take action in their communities. In addition, Docusign Impact offers a 100% match for employee donations to qualifying organisations.

We recognise that our employees have diverse interests and causes they care deeply about. Our programs are intentionally designed to allow Docusign employees the freedom to support the areas and organisations they are most passionate about.

Since 2017, Docusign and our employees have donated more than $21 million to nonprofits and volunteered more than 100,000 hours within local communities, supporting more than 8,000 organisations. We’re proud to say that 60% of Docusign employees have participated in Docusign Impact programs!

Docusign Foundation

As we evolve our approach to strategic grantmaking, we’re excited to share that the Docusign Foundation has committed to providing $1 million in grants this year to organisations aligned with our philanthropic priorities, including climate action and environmental protection. is building upon the efforts that began with our Docusign for Forests initiative by creating a climate action fund to support organisations doing meaningful work to combat climate change. Further, Docusign has set an ambitious goal to have 75% of our suppliers (by spend) commit to meeting science-based targets by 2026. will continue to evolve and broaden our offerings to further support nonprofits with Docusign solutions. We’re committed to harnessing the strength of Docusign’s products, people and resources to help protect our planet and to make a meaningful difference in the communities where our employees and customers live and work.

To learn more about and find out how to get involved, check out Docusign Impact. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

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