Customer Spotlight: NowInfinity platform simplifies and speeds traditional finance processes

“Where there’s paper, we’re getting it wrong.”

NowInfinity is a true digital hero. The company offers today’s finance professionals game changing efficiency and massive cost savings. Time-consuming processes like setting up self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are carried out in minutes on the NowInfinity platform, and failure-to-lodge penalties bypassed.

Amreeta Abbott, CEO of NowInfinity, shares with us the bold ambitions for the company and how it’s shaping the way finance firms transact in the future.

Tell us more about NowInfinity and why you’ve set your sights on the finance industry?

NowInfinity started in 2013 with a goal of building the most advanced document creation and entity management suite, not only in Australia but globally.  We help people manage their paper. The prospect of removing the physical paper from that model was interesting to us.

The opportunity in the finance industry was – and still is – massive. There are so many painful and paper-driven processes and organisations everywhere are looking towards digital to transform the way work is completed and to reduce costs. We wanted to respond to that demand with a fully digitised document workflow that removed paper and friction wherever possible.

Fast forward to today, we’ve built the largest documentation platform in the industry and digitised dozens of financial processes. It’s helping our clients slash admin time and costs and improve the customer experience.

What led you to an eSignature solution?

When we first started NowInfinity we knew we had an opportunity to revolutionise the documentation market. Our goal was to transform traditional practices and make it easy for businesses to collaborate with their clients. Nearly every transaction in the finance industry starts or ends with a signature. Docusign gave us a secure way to legally streamline the signing process of documentation in a number of scenarios

How has the decision to use Docusign enhanced your offering? 

Introducing eSignature technology has completely streamlined our client workflows. Accountants and financial planners no longer need to wait three days or more for a physically signed document before they take action. Now they can obtain signatures and get to work immediately – saving time and money.

It’s so simple. But, it’s a big deal when it comes to turning around financial paperwork within a timeline that delivers a great experience, instead of frustration. We knew the company that got this right would be the company to lead the market. Where there’s paper, we’re getting it wrong.

More recently, we’ve integrated Docusign into our Corporate Messenger platform. The cloud-based platform lets companies sign and lodge documents with ASIC in minutes as opposed to hours or weeks. It also helps reduce failure-to-lodge penalties which can quickly add up.

We now have more than 160,000 companies using the Corporate Messenger platform to manage over 1,000 documents a day. And by using eSignatures, they’re saving about two hours per transaction. That’s the power of digital which we hope to spread further across finance and the legal industry too.

To discover just how easy it is to sign your documents digitally, try our interactive demo.