Customer Spotlight: Domain transforms experiences for clients and employees

With six million users heading to their sites and apps each month, almost everyone has used Domain to search for a new place to call home.

The organisation behind those sites is one of the most recognisable in Australia. Domain Group encompasses a variety of brands, including Allhomes and Commercial Real Estate, and offers property marketing solutions for residential properties, commercial properties and new developments.

The company aims to provide data-rich insights and tools that empower every party in the property cycle. But the property market is a fast-paced one, and Domain knew that both clients and employees increasingly expect an agreement process that can keep up.

At the same time, it’s a market where there isn’t much room for error. That’s why speed and accuracy were the primary drivers behind Domain’s decision to implement Docusign across the business and make it mandatory for all contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

So, what are some of the biggest benefits of Domain’s shift to cloud-based agreement management? Let’s take a look.


Helping everyone stay ahead in a fast-paced market

In an industry where crucial decisions get made quickly, both staff and customers need an agile way to sign, send, and approve agreements on the move.

Domain’s shift to Docusign helped eliminate contracts getting lost in lengthy email chains, delays in getting signatures and the manual process of printing and signing contracts.

The overall impact has been a reduction of SLAs by more than 48 hours, while contract handling time has reduced by 80%.


Reducing paper use and minimising environmental impact

By digitising and automating the delivery of roughly 140 contracts per day, Domain has saved time and minimised the environmental impact of a paper-based process.

“Domain prides itself on sustainability and reducing our footprint,” explains Chelle Brown, Domain’s Sales Communication Manager. “We send out approximately 80 contracts daily and receive 60 more, so using Docusign significantly reduces our reliance on paper. It’s just one of the small steps we can take for the environment.”

Ensuring speed and accuracy

By integrating Docusign with Salesforce, Domain was able to reduce the risk of error and keep up with the speed of real-time decisions, creating a more seamless experience for clients.

For instance, Domain has eliminated the risk of clients receiving the wrong products after a change of mind by instituting repeatable validation rules, ensuring new contracts can’t be dispatched until previous contracts are voided.

“We need to provide insights to clients so they can complete their roles, and we need to provide that data in real-time. Docusign is one way we are empowered to do that,” says Brown.


Building better data for a better business

Docusign has also enabled a variety of teams to more easily handle data and use it to make data-backed decisions.

One of those groups is its sales representatives, who can now manage customer data in a flexible, agile way. Contracts can be dispatched from mobile devices and representatives can also check, confirm or request changes on-the-go. Data is pulled from and updated in Salesforce to ensure accuracy and quality, while new validation rules create safeguards in case information is entered incorrectly.

Improved data has also provided deeper organisational visibility and equips employees with insights into the volume of contracts being created, dispatched, signed and returned.

“This is essential from a strategy point of view, as it allows us to change our product offering, create go-to-market plans and promote products in alignment with desired outcomes,” says Brown.



Before Docusign After Docusign
Paper-based processes were slow, inflexible and environmentally harmful. Domain reduced its SLA by more than 48 hours.
Sales teams were spending unproductive time on administration. Docusign allows records to be accessed from anywhere, by anyone, with a clear legal audit trail. Contract handling time reduced by 80%.
  Domain digitised and automated the delivery of approximately 140 contracts per day, reducing its paper use, boosting sustainability and saving in labour costs.

Partnering with Docusign has helped Domain achieve some of its major strategic objectives, improving experiences for both internal and external stakeholders.

Curious about how Docusign for Salesforce might benefit your own organisation? Listen to our Docusign Agreement Cloud webinar on-demand or contact our sales team to discuss how we can help.