Customer Spotlight: Bayside Group demonstrates how to win top talent

Bayside Group is one of those Australian success stories you love to hear about. Established in 1976 with its first office in a backyard bungalow, the specialist recruitment firm today boasts eight brands and a database of more than 400,000 candidates.

The firm connects candidates and clients in specialised industries, from automotive to wine. And while it excels in matching the right candidates with the right roles, it’s not always easy.

Skillsets required for many roles can be quite niche. So recruiters need to be at the top of their game and know candidates’ capabilities inside out. That’s why Bayside Group initially went digital. It built a bespoke database to profile all its candidates and make it easier to match them with new roles.

Still, recruiters were spending too much time verifying candidate details. Forms went back and forth for signature via email and post while Bayside Group risked missing out on opportunities.

Digital verification speeds success

When Bayside Group approached Docusign, it had already decided to digitise the candidate verification process but needed a secure and easy way to collect eSignatures.

Docusign’s eSignature platform ticked all the boxes. It was secure and compliant and could interface seamlessly with the recruitment firm’s database through our powerful API.

Now implemented, Bayside Group is on-boarding new candidates at a much faster pace. It is also using Docusign to execute client contracts.

A triple win

Candidates no longer need to take time out to print and sign forms or rush to the post office to send them back. Instead, they can instantly verify their details online. It’s fast and effortless and means Bayside Group can on-board top talent before they’re snapped up elsewhere.

Bayside Group’s recruiters are also freed from cumbersome administration. They can spend more time with clients and candidates instead.

It’s a win for everyone that will no doubt solidify Bayside Group’s success in the crowded recruitment space.

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