[Customer Spotlight] AIME goes digital in mission to create a fairer world

As a not-for-profit with a small operations team, AIME relies on technology to scale. This includes Docusign’s eSignature technology which AIME has used to digitise onboarding.

Natalie Savell, IT Systems Manager at AIME, shares how the new digital process helps the organisation onboard dozens of new recruits in a matter of weeks. 

Can you tell us more about AIME?

AIME is focused on ending inequality for the most disadvantaged school students – not just in Australia but around the world. Our model pairs university students with school students and trains them to become mentors and role models. In turn, the university students provide school students with tutoring, support and the added confidence to succeed.

It’s a proven model with students taking part in the program achieving educational outcomes better than those of their peer group. For instance, Year 12 students completing the program tend to have higher transition rates into employment or university.

It’s a simple but powerful way to close the inequality gaps that exist across the globe.

What led you to an eSignature solution?

As a not-for-profit, our core operations team is small and agile. So when we hit peak periods, we need to recruit quickly.

Also, our staffing needs have increased in line with our expansion and our old recruitment processes simply couldn’t keep up. We needed an easier and faster way to onboard new hires, both locally and overseas.

Many of these are university students who don’t necessarily have access to printers and scanners every day. So the old way of doing things where we were asking candidates to print, sign and scan in contracts was less than desirable from an engagement standpoint.

We wanted to go digital and initially looked at implementing a dedicated HR platform. However, we discovered the Docusign for Salesforce app could handle all of our requirements at a fraction of the cost.

What does the onboarding process look like today?

We no longer need a dedicated resource for contract management. Once the interview is complete, managers can simply bring up a candidate’s record in Salesforce and generate a letter of offer and contract with a single click. Docusign works in the background to populate the document details and facilitate execution.

It’s so simple and helps us to move quickly as we onboard as many as 50 casual employees in a matter of weeks. Contracts are received and signed by candidates one day, and they can join AIME the next. Also, the signing of contracts sets off a fully digitised workflow so we can make sure things like payroll are set up and complete for each hire.

What other benefits are you seeing as a result of using Docusign?

The onboarding process is now effortless for candidates who can sign contracts right from their mobile. This combined with the speed and agility of the new process will help us as we scale and bring on more people globally.

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