AhaMove Simplifies Logistics—And Agreements | Docusign

When AhaMove started in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015, the platform had one major goal: to transform Vietnam’s logistics industry

into something simpler and more efficient.

Functioning a little like Uber for commercial deliveries, AhaMove uses 24/7 instant order matching and real-time GPS tracking to connect drivers and merchants in cities all over Vietnam. Today, the business services hundreds of thousands of merchants of all sizes and categories, creates millions of freelance shipping jobs and delivers packages to tens of millions of recipients.

As the business grew and its number of drivers increased, AhaMove knew they’d have to simplify their internal processes if they were going to continue reshaping the logistics industry. According to AhaMove’s head of product, Bao Tran, the business chose Docusign as a solution because of cost and function. 

Here’s how AhaMove used Docusign to streamline cumbersome paper-based processes, archive agreements more securely and improve experiences for drivers.

Updating agreement processes to keep pace with a quickly evolving company

Before implementing Docusign, AhaMove relied on sending soft copies of contracts to customers to review and populate, then printing the contract and getting managers to sign a hard copy. The process could take 2-3 days or longer, depending on factors like shipping method or whether a business development manager was physically in the office to sign a hard copy.

This complex, manual approach was costing AhaMove time and money—a challenge that only became more pronounced as the business continued to grow. 

By implementing Docusign, the business was able to digitise agreements and generate e-signatures. While the process of finalising customer contracts used to stretch across multiple days, occasionally even requiring couriering, the average contract is now completed within 15 minutes.

An innovative platform with an old-fashioned document management system

AhaMove manages and archives roughly 400-500 contracts per day. It’s an unwieldy number when those contracts are paper-based and managed from a centralised office in one city, which is the challenge AhaMove faced before partnering with Docusign. It was an especially tough challenge when information needed correcting or updating. 

“Archiving paper contracts is inconvenient and difficult, especially when the number of new drivers is increasing every day,” says Bao. “For a growing company, it was important to find a digital solution that wouldn’t risk lost documents just because we moved into a bigger office.”

Now, digitised agreements and Docusign’s archive space have empowered Docusign to securely store a fast-growing archive of contracts. A searchable database helps the business ensure those contracts are error-free and have an audit trail.

To keep them finding business and moving products, AhaMove needed a better experience for drivers

AhaMove connects around 25,000 drivers to merchants each month. To ensure its platform can facilitate those connections quickly and seamlessly, AhaMove must be able to form agreements with drivers in an easy, clear and accurate way. Before Docusign, if a driver’s information was incorrect, they’d have to complete a new contract, creating waste and irritating drivers.

While digital contracts have helped make the process of signing contracts quicker, they’ve also made it more efficient. Implementing Docusign means that AhaMove can pull information directly from the system, minimising the risk of human error and clearly recording the time of contract expiry. 

“The process of signing a contract is quick and simple now, so drivers say they have a better experience,” explains Bao. “There are fewer complaints about documents or contracts getting lost.”

“AhaMove has achieved a lot in only five years but becoming Vietnam’s premier on-demand delivery platform requires continuous improvement,” says Bao. “That meant moving our operations in a digital direction—just as we’ve helped digitise parts of the logistics industry.”