Adding up the benefits of Docusign eSignature’s suite of add-ons

Have you ever looked under the hood of Docusign eSignature to see how it could power up the agreement process within your business? If you think our electronic signature solution is simply used to sign stuff, then think again. And read on to see how our many add-ons help businesses like yours stand out from the crowd. 

First, what’s an add-on?

Add-ons are extra features and functions that extend the capabilities of the standard Docusign eSignature solution. They’re designed to help solve broader problems in your business — whether it’s finding ways to do things more efficiently so your administration team can focus on other value-adding tasks, or streamlining the agreement process for your customers. 

When it comes to add-ons, some will be beneficial to your business, while others may not. For example, a real estate agency may have different needs for add-ons than, say, a professional consulting firm.  

Add-ons in action

Let’s use an example to show how some of our most popular add-ons can help to streamline and enhance their agreement processes. For the purposes of this article, we’ll use a fictional real estate agency. 

First, the agency adds advanced branding. Why? They want to maintain tight control of their image and brand every time they send a rental agreement out for signing. With Docusign’s branding capabilities, they can customise the look and feel of contracts they send out, including the envelope they’re sent in. It’s a great way to reinforce their brand presence and reassure prospective tenants that the rental documents they receive are coming from the agency. 

Then, the agency wants a better way to manage the sending of its lease agreements. They decide to switch on Document Generation for eSignature, which enables the automated personalisation of high-volume documents. Using this powerful add-on, the agency can quickly and easily generate customised documents, with traditional field data embedded seamlessly into the agreement. They can also apply conditional logic to hide or display agreement terms based on business rules. The document information is dynamically populated and the final result is a professional, personalised agreement. 

Next, the agency decides to add Docusign Payments. This makes it easier for tenants to pay bond monies, by enabling payment at the time of signing using credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. An approved payment allows the agreement envelope to complete, with the payment record included in the agreement’s audit trail. 

Finally, the real estate agency decides it’s time to give its tenancy application form an uplift. They use Docusign Web Forms to quickly build a dynamic form that’s interactive and mobile-responsive, and uses conditional logic to instantly change form fields to only display questions relevant to the user based on their previous answers. Web forms are a breeze for prospective tenants to fill out and give the real estate agency an easy way to capture clients’ data. And, because web forms are built into Docusign eSignature, they can take advantage of powerful capabilities like identity verification and more when agreements are ready for signature. 

Add-ons add value

As the above example shows, Docusign add-ons like branding, document generation, payments and web forms all help the real estate agency save time and money. Ultimately, they all add up to a better experience for both the people sending agreements each day, as well as the people who have to sign them. 

Question is, which add-ons are right for your business? The best way to find out is by speaking to our friendly sales team. Get in touch today to see how Docusign add-ons can help you.