4 reasons why Docusign out-signs all other eSignature solutions

Are you in the market for an eSignature solution? Great work. You’re on the path to going paperless, while delighting your customers and streamlining your business processes at the same time. 

Yet here’s the thing. Not all eSignature providers are created equal. And, as you do your research, you’ll no doubt discover that different platforms bring their own perks to the table. Here, we present our business case for Docusign and show you how our industry-leading eSignature solution outshines all others in the market today – across all criteria. 

1. Docusign delivers an easy, convenient signing experience

Docusign eSignature makes signing stress-free. From the ease of responsive signing on our mobile app, to the handy ability to add comments to contracts, we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to making it as easy as pie for people to sign.  

With user-friendliness at its heart, Docusign customers rave about its intuitive design. As one customer in this eBook said, “It is incredibly simple to use. Even the least technical person can figure it out with no difficulties. It makes signing documents a breeze, particularly with multiple pages or multiple people.”

2. Enjoy a productive, flexible sending experience 

Docusign’s intuitive process makes it easy for your team to create, send and manage electronic documents for signature. In just a few simple steps, you can send off documents from wherever you are, to wherever your customers are, in a flash. 

Key features of Docusign eSignature that streamline the sending of documents include: 

  • Templates: Docusign offers prebuilt templates for many common contracts and forms such as NDAs, SOWs and purchase orders. You can also create your own templates for common forms your business uses.
  • PowerForms: Generate self-service documents for signature and embed into a website or send directly to signers.
  • Advanced recipient routing: Build automated routing workflows without using any code.
  • Automated post-signature tasks: Automate common post-signature tasks like archiving completed documents to a specific folder, exporting data to Google sheets for analysis and starting contract workflows in CLM.
  • Signing insights: Admins can identify patterns in signing behaviours, like where signers drop off in the signing process, to optimise the journey and increase agreement completion rates.

3. It’s simple to integrate with your existing systems

 With more than 400 integrations across Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Workday and many other business applications, Docusign slots seamlessly into your existing workflows and business processes. For example, you can use Docusign for Salesforce to send, sign and manage all your important sales documents without ever leaving Salesforce. 

As one enterprise user said, “Seamless integration with Salesforce means I can

send order forms via Docusign without ever leaving the opportunity record in Salesforce. It allows me to continue working in Salesforce without having to open up a second tab. Major timesaver.”

Your employees can also send and sign documents right from popular collaboration applications, including Microsoft Teams, Google, Slack and Zoom. All these integrations are designed to make life easier for your teams, capitalise on your existing investments, accelerate document turnaround times, and streamline your processes. 

A user in a real estate company said, “The Google Drive app is awesome as it lets you sign docs right from Drive and then saves the signed docs to your Drive account. You can even sign docs for yourself for free. It also has Chrome apps so you can sign right from Chrome or Gmail.” Too easy.  

4. Ultimate peace of mind with advanced security and compliance controls

 Security is in Docusign’s DNA. Like all of our products, Docusign eSignature is researched, designed, and developed with security as a top priority. We maintain round-the-clock onsite security with strict physical access control that complies with industry-recognised standards, such as SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

We also use world-class security software and hardware to protect the physical integrity of Docusign eSignature and all associated computer systems and networks that process customer data, through a centralised management system that controls access to the production environment through a global two-factor authentication process.

But what about the bottom line? 

Docusign delivers a significant return on investment. Firstly, replacing manual paper-based processes with eSignature saves money, reduces costs, improves productivity and creates better experiences for employees, partners and customers. In terms of hard costs, Docusign eSignature eliminates the costs associated with printing, sending and storing agreements, which adds up to an average $18 saved per agreement (according to Docusign internal research).

One G2 Crowd reviewer said Docusign is saving his logistics and supply chain company $50,000 a year on courier costs alone. “We operate in 95 countries. A simple intercompany agreement is a nightmare to track, and costs say $100 per country to send and receive. [Docusign] is a mega cost saver in any business and increases speed to conclude contracts.”

Closing contracts faster also means recognising revenue sooner. It removes friction in the signing process, making it less likely for customers to abandon ship. In fact, 80% of Docusign agreements are completed in less than a day, and almost half (44%) are completed in less than 15 minutes. 

Investing in eSignature is a great first step to doing business faster, simpler and more cost-effectively, while delivering a great experience for everyone. And, by choosing Docusign eSignature, you get to tap into all the benefits listed above – which quickly add up.

Keen to know more? Talk to Docusign today about how we can help you transform your agreement processes.

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