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2021 and Beyond: Transformative HR Digital Trends - Watch Now!

Over the course of 2020, HR departments leaned on digital technology more than ever before. As they look ahead, many are recognizing that technology is now essential for overcoming their biggest challenges and meeting long-term goals. But even with the right technology in place, there’s an opportunity to improve HR workflows. In fact, according to research from the recent DocuSign HR Trends report, 91% of HR teams aren’t fully capitalizing on the technology they already own. For 39% of respondents, the biggest obstacle preventing HR teams from fully utilizing their software capabilities is the lack of integration with other systems. We’ll dig into these trends and more, including how the most innovative HR teams are embracing digital transformation to become more strategic partners in the organization.

We’ll discuss:

  • Accelerating HR trends and what to anticipate moving forward
  • The digital tools that are best preparing HR teams for the future of work, from digital hiring/onboarding to modern employee policy and becoming strategic business partners
  • The impact that HR’s digital transformation can have on employee experience across the entire business
Damian Dwojacki, Sr. Specialist, Aon
Matt Ollar, Sr. Process and Solutions Coordinator, Aon
Elaine Stanfield, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, DocuSign

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