REST API Recipe: Open the DocuSign Console from Your App


This recipe enables your app’s user to open the DocuSign console from within your app. As an option, the console can be opened focused on a specific envelope.

This recipe enables you to easily add an “Open DocuSign” button to your app, providing easy access to the console’s features for your users.

Getting ready

You’ll need a DocuSign account email and password. You’ll also need an integration key. See Generate Your Integrator Key.

How to do it

Step 1: use the login_information API end point to obtain the base URL for use in subsequent API calls, and the user’s account ID. See the recipe Request a Signature via Email for an example of this step.

Step 2: Use the EnvelopeViews::createConsole method to get the user-specific URL, and then re-direct the user’s browser to the URL. As an option, you can supply an envelopeId when calling the method.


Source files

The recipe source files are available on Github: Java, C#, Objective-C, Python, PHP, and Node-JS

How it works

This recipe most applies when your Use Case and app are used to send and receive envelopes. If it is common for your users to also open the DocuSign console while working on your Use Case, consider adding a “Goto DocuSign” button to your app by using this recipe.