REST API Recipe: Getting an Envelope's Document List


This recipe retrieves a list of an envelope’s documents and then downloads the documents.

Getting ready

You’ll need a DocuSign account email and password that has access to the envelope’s status information. You’ll also need an integration key. See Generate Your Integator Key. And you’ll need an envelope ID. You can send an envelope via the API to get an envelope ID. Or you can send an envelope via the web UI and then request the envelope’s summary or certificate information from the web UI. The summary document includes the envelope ID.

How to do it

Step 1: use the login_information API end point to obtain the base url for use in subsequent API calls, and the user’s account ID. See the recipe Request a Signature via Email for an example of this step.

Step 2: Send the EnvelopeDocuments::list request. The resulting list of documents will include the system-generated "certificate" document for the envelope.



Step 3: Loop through the results from step 2. Use the uri elements from the results to download the files.


Source files

The recipe source files are available on Github: C#, Python, PHP, and Node-JS

How it works

Note that envelopes can have multiple documents added during the signing process. In addition to the certificate file, signers can be invited to upload/attach documents to the envelope as part of the signing ceremony. See the Signer Attachment Tab for more information. New documents can also be added as a result of faxing signed documents into an envelope.