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Please note that the list of features below is by no means comprehensive, these are just some of the more popular features that are in use by a wide range of integrations. For a complete list of features and functionality please review our API documentation.


Templates help streamline the sending process when you frequently send the same or similar documents. For instance, you have a document that you need approved by your manager and their boss once a week. Or you have a standard sign-up form on your website for new users. In both cases Templates can save you time, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency.

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With Embedding you can seamlessly integrate DocuSign functionality into your app or website, allowing users to send and sign documents instantly instead of using email. With Embedding your users won’t even know they’ve left your website or app, and they won't have to wait for any emails to arrive to initiate workflows.

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There are seven different types of Recipients you may add to your envelopes. They are: Agents, Carbon Copies, Certified Deliveries, Editors, In Person Signers, Intermediaries, and Signers. Every tab that you add to your documents (such as sign here tabs, initial, etc.) is specific to a given recipient.

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Stick-eTabs (Tabs)

When you are tagging your documents before sending them out you have numerous tab types at your disposal that you can add for your recipients. You can add signature, initial and other information tabs to help your signers know precisely what actions you want them to take, where in the document you want them to sign, initial or add information, and in what order. You can also do things like pre-populate tabs with data, have calculated fields and dates, have conditional fields, and more.

Click here for more information on DocuSign tabs and Free-Form signing.

Send On Behalf Of (SOBO)

With SOBO you have the ability to send API requests on behalf of other users in the same account. For instance if you have an account with two users (let’s say Bob and Sally) with the right permissions enabled Bob could send a signature request on behalf of Sally. To the recipient who receives the signature request it would look like Sally sent it, even though was actually Bob who made the API call.

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DocuSign Connect

DocuSign Connect is a separate module that can be used to send real-time updates to external applications. Configured through your account preferences in the Classic DocuSign UI, you can setup a URL that receives http POSTs from the DocuSign system and logic at that endpoint to parse what events just occurred (i.e. document signed, declined, etc.) instead of constantly polling the API for status updates. You can also use DocuSign Connect to retrieved the completed documents themselves.

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Additional Features ...

The above features are popular ones but are by no means the only features available. For instance, did you know you can create multiple brand profiles within your account to use during various workflows? There's also things like reminders & expirations, template matching, signer resource files, envelope custom fields, document visibility, signature adoption, and much more. One good way of exploring the various features is to log in to the DocuSign Console and look at the Preferences -> Features page. You can also review our technical documentation.

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