Why customers choose DocuSign

  • Mortgage Brokers use electronic signatures from DocuSign
    Anthony Anderson
    Academy Mortgage
    "The amount of time DocuSign saves us is tremendous. We used to wait days for 50 page loan applications and disclosures to come through fax or email, hoping that our inbox wouldn’t get full. Now we get DocuSign back in minutes and can get our loans started faster than ever before! And the website is never down, it’s always there when I need it. I would definitely recommend DocuSign to other mortgage lenders."
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    Joy LaPrade - Sr. Loan Processor
    Cambria Mortgage
    We called up a bunch of our wholesale lenders (United Wholesale, Franklin American, New York Community Bank, HomeBridge Financial) to see which electronic signature solutions they accept and DocuSign was the clear winner. In just a few clicks our clients can DocuSign their entire loan application and disclosures. It’s so easy and intuitive to use. I have even set up templates which means I can grab my PDF from Calyx Point, upload into DocuSign and 90% of the signature spots are pre-tagged for me. Many times our clients are out of town and can’t get to a computer or fax but they can always get to their phones. DocuSign truly is a game changer for the mortgage industry!
  • Kim McGuire
    Pacific Residential Mortgage
    As mortgage lenders, there’s a lot of paperwork to cover before we can start serving our clients. Using DocuSign to send all of our loan disclosures has really helped streamline the process. Before, we emailed the document packages and had the clients print, sign, and return them. Pages would often come back unsigned or just be missing altogether. Using DocuSign has improved client security and efficiency. Plus it saves them time, ink, and paper.
  • Tyler Chism
    American Home Funding
    As mortgage brokers, we use DocuSign to get signatures on Initial Disclosure documents and Letters of Explanation. Most of our lenders accept electronic signature and we end up saving a ton of time, and no longer have any missed signatures. Also DocuSign’s compatibility with smart phones is great for our clients, they can sign and complete packages on the phone and don’t even need to be in front of a computer. DocuSign has really been great for our business!
  • LeeAnn Bailey
    TJC Mortgage, Inc.
    When we found out that the majority of our wholesale lenders accept electronic signatures, we started using DocuSign to request eSignatures on our RESPA loan packets. It is so much easier than our old method of printing, highlighting, scanning, and emailing 26-67 page packets. Now we just tag the document in DocuSign and send it for out for signature. Our clients love how easy it is to use. Plus we save time and never run out of paper - we love DocuSign!
  • Kris McVicar
    Pacific Residential Mortgage
    Our clients love DocuSign! It saves them from printing out 50-80 page loan packages and they don’t have to worry about faxing or emailing their personal information. On our end, we receive DocuSign disclosures back faster than the traditional email, print, sign, and scan/fax method. What used to take 5+ days now only takes 2+ days with DocuSign AND the pages are more legible. We often get asked by clients “Can we DocuSign our final loan package as well, because it’s so easy to use?” Unfortunately, investors have yet to approve electronic signatures on the final closing package (except the Deed), but I’ve heard it’s coming! Without a doubt, I would highly recommend DocuSign to all loan processors and loan officers.
  • Myles Martinson
    Seafirst Financial
    With the mortgage industry being so compliance heavy, getting documents out in a timely manner is crucial. With DocuSign we have been able to electronically send out loan documents in minutes and I am able to track exactly when my clients have viewed or signed a document. DocuSign also provides us with full audit trail on each document which makes my compliance review painless. Plus our clients love how easy and convenient it is to use. I would definitely recommend DocuSign to other mortgage brokers.
  • Elaine Holman
    Hearthstone Lending Group (Affiliate of 1st Alliance Mortgage)
    DocuSign has been a god send! We use it for residential loan applications. Before DocuSign, we used to email, scan, and fax our clients 25+ page loan packets and only half of them came back correctly. Now I extract my loan documents from Calyx Point, arrange my PDFs into 1 document, upload into DocuSign, hit send and BAM, I’m done – it’s so easy! The initial setup was pretty quick too, I’m no computer genius but in just 2-3 hours I was able to set up re-usable templates for my conventional loans, one for single borrowers and another template for joint borrowers. DocuSign has been life changing for me!

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Video Testimonials

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