Why customers choose DocuSign

  • Mortgage Brokers use electronic signatures from DocuSign
    Ronnie Love
    Evolution Design, Inc.
    “Before DocuSign we required our customers to physically bring in their signed contract, or mail it to us. As you can imagine our contract return rate was very low. People are so busy, and often forgot or would not make time for it at all. Now using DocuSign the majority of our jobs are signed and fully agreed upon before we start the work. We love this because it protects both us and our customers, and also ensures that we are building exactly what they expect so in the end they are 100% satisfied. We can’t imagine running our business without DocuSign.”
  • Mortgage Brokers use electronic signatures from DocuSign
    Ada Nestor
    Westrum Development
    “Docusign has been such a time saver for us here at Westrum Development Company. Instead of printing large sales and vendor contracts, we are now able to send this information electronically, and have all parties sign off much faster. I can’t imagine going back to the way we used to process this paperwork!”
  • Law Firms eSignature electronic signature legal
    Sherri McAdams
    Advanced Engineering, Contracting & Inspections
    “We use this service daily and love how easy it is to use and the quick turnaround time for getting documents signed. It also provides a great way to track when customers are viewing the documents but not following through with providing their signatures when wanting to use our company for inspection services.”
  • Law Firms eSignature electronic signature legal
    Debbie Carver
    Schweiger Construction Company
    “We use DocuSign to execute subcontracts. Implementing DocuSign was one of the best improvements we made in our document processing in the last 5 years. DocuSign makes follow up automatic, our documents cannot be altered and our subcontract execution turnaround time has improved. No more waiting for the boss to return to the office and sign by pen. I would recommend DocuSign to anyone who needs to obtain signatures from internal employees or external clients.”
  • Law Firms eSignature electronic signature legal
    Michele Taylor
    Leipertz Construction, Inc.
    “DocuSign has made my job so much easier. I can send out any document that I need to be signed by anyone at any time. I can have my boss sign paperwork while he is out of the office, which means that I can stay on task and not have to wait for him to come back to the office. As a company our postage cost has dropped significantly. We have saved so much money not having to mail all of these items. A lot of companies that we do business with have now changed the way that they do things and have signed up with DocuSign as well. I am constantly telling people what a great program this is and how easy it is to use. I couldn’t be happier. The options are endless with this program.”
  • Construction esignature electronic signature contractors
    Dale Reeves
    Reeves PaperHanging, Inc.
    “We have had a most positive response from our customers as sending our proposals through DocuSign allows them to view, approve and return without printing. This has shortened and improved our turn around from proposal to close. We're every happy with the ease of use as well.”
  • Construction esignature electronic signature contractors
    Leah Busse
    KVG Building Corporation
    “We send out numerous 'Subcontractor Agreements' on a daily basis. DocuSign has been an enormous improvement on my productivity and budget - it has unfortunately put our postage machine out of a job!”
  • Construction esignature electronic signature contractors
    Rose Alexander
    Schweiger Construction Company
    “As a nationwide general construction management company, we sub out all phases of our projects. Prior to DocuSign we printed 2 copies of our 35-page contract so both parties could have an original copy. It would take us at least 1 week to get a contract overnighted to the subcontractor and signed off by 3 additional Schweiger employees. Now with DocuSign we sometimes get contracts back in the same day! DocuSign has really helped expedite our contracts and saved us so much money on ink, paper and overnight charges. Plus we love the organizational factor that comes with using the system. Even some of our subcontractors have started using DocuSign for their own documentation. I would definitely recommend DocuSign to other construction businesses!”
  • Construction esignature electronic signature contractors
    Justin Lewis
    Roof RX
    “Using DocuSign has been extremely beneficial for our company. The natural ease of using it aside, it's allowed us to increase our efficiency in servicing our customers while continuing to provide them with the secure and professional experience they have come to expect from us!”
  • Construction esignature electronic signature contractors
    Andrea Hamblen
    Arbor Builders
    "As a spec builder, we have multiple jobs running at any given time and each job has about 80 to 100 contracts that need to be signed by about 30 subcontractors and vendors. Before DocuSign the process was so arduous to send out contracts and track down all our subcontractors and vendors for signatures. With DocuSign, we have everything signed at the beginning of the job and this helps us lock in a more accurate budget. Now I can focus on marketing and growing our business rather than administrative paper chasing. DocuSign takes care of the paperwork and paper flow, and with the volume of jobs and subcontractors we have, I can’t imagine processing contracts any other way."
  • Construction esignature electronic signature contractors
    Anna Stern
    Tri-North Builders
    “As a construction firm that works in all 50 states, we were constantly mailing hard copy contracts all over the country and dealing with the resulting time lags. In our time sensitive industry, it’s critical to get contracts signed as soon as possible so we can get people working on our projects. By sending our contracts via DocuSign, we’ve drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to get our subcontractors under contract, with our average time for signatures going from 2-3 weeks down to 1-2 days. I would definitely recommend DocuSign to all construction companies!”

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