Managing customer information for more than 100,000 customers, was looking to scale and increase efficiency as the company continues to grow. By standardizing on DocuSign for electronic signature within their sales process, cut deal close time from an average of two days down to 90% of deals closing in 1 day; and 71% of deals closing in 1 hour.

Business Challenge 

With continued growth of new customers, was looking for a way to scale while increasing efficiency by closing more deals faster with the same level of resources. Because many of its customer onboarding processes were manual, determined this area was ripe for a technology solution like electronic signatures.

DocuSign Solution 

Initially sought to simply let customers sign documents electronically to streamline the signature. However, found that by integrating with existing systems, DocuSign could provide a way to quickly and easily automate the customer account setup process (saving up to 2,757 hours, or 322 days of work per year) while adding even more value by automatically kicking off internal processes that launch new customers’ accounts, with little or no manual intervention needed.

Results has achieved fast results by integrating DocuSign for Salesforce. When the quoting process for a customer is complete, account executives send eligible contracts for signature with just a single click from Salesforce. After the order form is DocuSigned and completed by the customer, the system automatically determines if it meets the criteria for automatic launch, or if additional information is needed.

DocuSign has reduced the time spent per quote per account executive by 10 minutes. In addition, DocuSign has helped salesforce. com move from an average of two days to close a deal, to 90% of deals closing in one day and 71% of deals closing in one hour.’s use of DocuSign to replace manual processes goes beyond signatures. Signing authority is now verified using DocuSign’s integrated authentication. For payments with check or wire transfers, customers can create and complete add-on orders completely self-service thanks to DocuSign.

This further increases customer satisfaction and also accelerates’s speed to revenue while reducing costs. DocuSign has improved productivity throughout the revenue operations organization because it facilitates no-touch orders for the back office. Account executives value DocuSign’s document trail with the associated status updates through automated Chatter integration. They see in real time when contracts are viewed and completed – giving them greater visibility and control throughout the sale.