Real-a-Save is dedicated to meeting the needs of the growing number of self-directed real estate buyers and sellers. By trimming inefficient processes from the traditional real estate process, Real-a-Save passes tremendous savings onto their clients without sacrificing personal service. Real-a-Save rebates 50% of its commission directly to its buyers, while its sellers pay a flat fee of $2,500 for a full-service listing. Clients receive virtual tours, color flyers, signage, showing service and lock box, and a full-service agent to handle all of the paperwork and negotiations at a fraction of the costs of a traditional real estate agent.

Business Challenge 

Real estate is a competitive market. Time is of the essence and closing the deal is harder than ever due to increased competition from other real estate agents. Traditionally, buyers and sellers go back and forth when negotiating a deal. Negotiations are conducted via pen and paper with ink or wet signatures through multiple documents. Often 20- to 30-page documents require signatures in multiple locations by both parties, then the document is faxed or sent via overnight courier to the other party. This process can take more than a week to complete. If any signature is out of place, not signed correctly or is illegible due to repeated fax transmission, the entire deal can be in jeopardy and require that the entire paperwork be rewritten. In addition, real estate agents often have to drive documents to the clients at odd hours to get signatures on contracts. The process is time-consuming, inefficient and exhausting for all parties involved.

DocuSign Solution 

Bob Connors, founder and CEO of Real-a-Save, started his company with a few goals in mind. “First we set out to make the process of buying and selling homes as simple as possible. In addition, we wanted to be an environmentally friendly company.” After researching a number of options to improve the sale closure process, Connors selected DocuSign eSignature service. “We looked at other eSignature options, but none were as intuitive and easy to use as DocuSign. From our perspective it was an absolute no-brainer to use DocuSign’s eSignature service.”


After using DocuSign’s eSignature services for just a few months, Connors was pleasantly surprised. “I’ve had customers contact me after signing our contracts and they said — unsolicited — that this is a very cool process.” In addition to ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction, Real-a-Save benefits by locking out the competition by closing deals so quickly. By allowing the team at Real-a-Save to save time and become more efficient, its real estate agents can now spend more time working with their customers instead of focusing on administrative tasks. As a former high school science teacher, Connors had another goal in mind when starting the company. “I was determined to create a company that was environmentally friendly, and one of our goals was to become a paperless company. By using DocuSign I can’t remember the last time I bought paper or even used a fax. In short, DocuSign is a match made in heaven for us.” Real-a-Save now promotes its paperless cost saving initiative as a market differentiator. Real-a-Save is now 100% paperless and promotes the use of electronic signatures as quicker, easier and more environmentally friendly.