Orscheln Farm and Home

For more than 50 years, Orscheln Farm and Home has provided quality merchandise to consumers in the Midwest. Headquartered in Missouri, Orscheln retail operations include a soon to be released online store and brick and mortar locations in 154 locations in 9 states. Orscheln employs more than 2,500 employees.

Business Challenge 

Orscheln Human Resources (HR) is centralized at their home office in Moberly, Missouri. This department manages all employee paperwork—including new hire packets, insurance, retirement, reviews, changes in employment status, taxes, training and more. Orscheln HR paperwork routinely requires multiple signatures— the employee, supervisor, manager, HR and so on. Thousands of pages are printed, mailed, tracked and routed for signing in a particular sequence. For example, to convert a part-time employee to full-time requires 15 pages of paper that is completed and routed through various levels of the company for sign-off.

DocuSign Solution 

Orscheln chose DocuSign as the fast and convenient electronic signature service to streamline employee document processing.


With DocuSign, Orscheln HR staff quickly tag employee documents for signature. Signers receive an email notification, are quickly authenticated and navigated through the document signing process in the required sequential order. The entire process is easy, convenient and takes just minutes for Orscheln employees to sign and complete documents from any Internet-connected device. DocuSign expedites employee document signing time and reduces legal risk. Completing HR paperwork is now faster, easier and hassle- free with DocuSign.