Nancy Alert and Associates Lands Real Estate

Since 1996, Nancy Alert has led a successful real estate practice in the Washington, D.C. area. Alert, a Howard University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and another in Environmental Science and Design, coupled with a long list of designations, represents residential and commercial clients in buying, selling or leasing. Alert routinely serves buyers and sellers internationally, especially from the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Dubai.

Business Challenge 

Many of Alert’s clients are international business travelers. Transacting real estate purchases presented enormous difficulties when representing buyers and sellers traveling around the globe. Trying to fax a disclosure agreement to and from Qatar and other international destinations was frustrating and often impossible for Alert and her clients. When and if she was able to fax the document, she never knew if the fax was received in its entirety, nor could she ensure that it reached her client. Under these circumstances, Alert was uncomfortable sending confidential financial information overseas. Sometimes the only way to get the documents completed and returned was to use costly, time-consuming overnight couriers. This method was expensive, and often took an inordinate amount of time, putting the deal in jeopardy. Alert knew there had to be a better way.

DocuSign Solution 

While attending a National Association of REALTORS® technology course for her e-PRO® designation, a colleague spoke of the advantages of eSignature technology. Alert was intrigued and went online to conduct additional research. “I was tired of tracking people down to get a signature,” says Alert. “Faxing to countries around the world was a nightmare. But, everybody has a computer.” After investigating other eSign providers, Alert chose DocuSign for its convenience, flexible pricing and security.


“The first time I used DocuSign, I was hooked,” says Alert. “DocuSign is fast and easy for my clients to use. I started thinking about my clients in Egypt and everywhere else around the world and how DocuSign was the answer—eliminating faxing headaches. And no more worries about safeguarding sensitive client information. DocuSign has it all— there’s no turning back.” Alert immediately closed a deal for her clients traveling in Egypt using the DocuSign service. Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia are home to workers in government, military and a robust high-tech industry.
 The real estate market in this area is constantly changing and highly competitive around the $300,000 price range. Multiple bids are often the norm with buyers eager to raise the stakes to get their offer accepted. Alert uses DocuSign as a competitive tool for her buyers to preempt other offers by being the first presented to the seller. Alert credits DocuSign with increasing her productivity as well. She quickly creates her clients’ documents and uses DocuSign to obtain their eSignatures. Her clients receive an email notification, adopt a signature and return the completed forms within minutes. It’s fast, easy to use and secure. She no longer has to track down clients for signatures or missing initials on a document. Alert is also relieved that her client’s information is safeguarded throughout the transaction as DocuSign automatically encrypts her documents. Using DocuSign to be the “first to the finish line” has proven successful for Alert and her clients—both locally and abroad. “In this market, you have to be on top of it—if a buyer finds a property, you act now or you lose it,” continues Alert. “I tell my clients not to worry, do what they were doing and just keep an eye on email. Then I do the paperwork and send via DocuSign. Within minutes, the documents are eSigned and returned. It’s not unusual for me to close a great deal in hours with DocuSign—even on a Saturday night!”