Jim Cantwell, Crist, Fritschi & Paterson

Jim is a technology early adopter who has used DocuSign for 2 years, and often recommends it to industry peers. In fact, in addition to his career as an agent, Jim is Vice Chair of the National Technology Committee for a leading national property carrier.  “DocuSign enhances my professional image and makes my work so much easier, I can’t imagine working without it”.

Business Challenge 

Several years ago, Jim’s agency of Crist, Fritschi & Paterson started to transition to paperless, and was sending documents to their clients via email. However, despite the firm’s efforts, the client experience was anything but paperless.  After receiving a document, such as an application for coverage, the client would need to print, sign, and then respond via postal mail, fax or scan, which was inconvenient since many people do not own scanners or fax machines. This meant the client either had to mail it or go to a copy center to have it faxed back, which also prolonged turnaround time.  Additionally, this process was error-prone as some signatures could be missed.

DocuSign Solution 

With DocuSign, not only was Jim’s firm was able to truly go paperless but also simplify the signing process, enabling clients to complete it in minutes.  DocuSign ensures every required initial or signature is obtained.  And if a client hasn’t responded, the automatic reminders help drive completion.

As an independent agent who works with many carriers, Jim says he uses many form types, and DocuSign’s flexibility allows him to work with all of them. By saving templates of his most frequently used forms, he saves time.  


According to Jim, “DocuSign generates time and cost savings for us as well as our clients, and eliminates errors.  We avoid mailing and printing costs, and clients respond in minutes, not days.”