Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union

Chartered in 1966, Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union (ISPFCU) is a not-for-profit financial cooperative located in Springfield, Illinois. ISPFCU is committed to meeting all the financial needs of all the law enforcement members it currently serves across the state.

Business Challenge 

ISPFCU needed a better way to service its law enforcement members across Illinois by eliminating the expensive and time consuming paper process for all types of loans. ISPFCU expanded their charter to not only support police, but all law enforcement in the state of Illinois, and had only a few branch offices. They needed a way to provide excellent customer service to a wide geographic area.

DocuSign Solution 

ISPFCU chose the DocuSign Enterprise Edition electronic signature service.


Since ISPFCU began using DocuSign, ISPFCU has seen dramatic improvements in customer convenience. Currently, 99% of all ISPFCU’s loans are now signed electronically, including mortgages, home equity, home equity lines of credit, overdraft protection, share, Visa and new and used auto loans. Combined with their automatic online account opening and funding service, members no longer need to visit the branch. In addition, the members have less exposure to ID theft because of the reduced number of paper documents which are sent via the mail. The speed of the electronic signature and loan process really impresses our members said Rebecca Delich, ISPFCU chief loan officer. “Everyone would rather sign electronically.”