Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage owns and/or operates approximately 900 self-storage properties in 34 states—the largest owner/operator of self-storage properties in the United States. Extra Space Storage launched DocuSign, successfully cutting costs and accelerating its in-person contract signature process.

Business Challenge 

Consumers interested in leasing space at self-storage facilities are required to sign contracts in person at the storage facility. The agreements are multiple pages, with extensive terms that are unique to each state. As the largest owner/operator of self-storage properties with approximately 900 locations in 34 states and Washington, D.C., Extra Space Storage goes through a lot of forms and a lot of paper. In fact, each facility used an average of a box of paper—which holds 10 reams, or 5,000 sheets—every month. Extra Space Storage was looking to reduce cost, as well as speed up the overall rental process to quickly sign up new customers and get them moving in to their storage space.

DocuSign Solution 

Extra Space Storage selected DocuSign based on its overall ease of use and complete integration with Salesforce. Extra Space Storage started a pilot program with DocuSign, and following overwhelming success, decided to launch DocuSign across its almost 900 locations over the course of several weeks.


DocuSign provided a hands-on support team as the solution rolled out to the facilities. “In launching a new technology, it’s important to have support readily available,” said Teardra Pedersen, CRM Analyst at Extra Space Storage. “While the implementation was super easy, DocuSign has been there for us all the way.” Now with DocuSign, every Extra Space Storage location has reduced its paper use from a box of paper per month to a single ream. Customers simply sign in-person with DocuSign, using a customer- facing computer screen. The process of signing the contract previously took 30 minutes, requiring a manager to review the paperwork and point out any missing signatures or initials. According to the manager of one facility, “So far with DocuSign, the longest rental took about 10 minutes. DocuSign is easy, and customers love it.” With 21 different leases that vary according to state law, Extra Space Storage values DocuSign’s integration with Salesforce and its PowerForms feature. Salesforce looks at each opportunity and tells DocuSign which lease to use. The person creating the contract doesn’t have to do any customization—they just click “Send with DocuSign”— so there’s no chance for errors. Extra Space Storage has received “nothing but positive feedback” from sites and tenants that the company is “going green.” Site personnel appreciate the convenience of electronic signatures. “DocuSign improves efficiency across our facilities,” Teardra said. “We plan to expand our use of DocuSign to other types of documents, such as vendor compliance change-of-address forms and cut-lock authorizations, for even more value across the business.”