DailyDeal Closes More Deals in Less Time with DocuSign

DailyDeal offers local digital coupons to consumers in dozens of cities across Germany. The company signs agreements with vendors every day to offer consumers local deals on dining, leisure, lifestyle, shopping, travel, events and much more. By implementing DocuSign’s electronic signature, DailyDeal receives signed contracts back from merchants faster and enjoys greater confidence in their legality and security.

Business Challenge 

Offering high-value digital coupons to consumers all over Germany, DailyDeal’s paper sales contracts were taking far too long to get signed and returned, up to two weeks and often with missing signatures. Some contracts were lost or went unreturned with no visibility in to the process. The documents were returned by fax or insecure email. With some contracts signed in person and others signed remotely, the team wanted to make it easy to store and track their contracts. 

DailyDeal began looking for ways to improve contract close rates with merchants and accelerate the process. They wanted to help merchants act fast, so that deals could be available more quickly to consumers. In addition, DailyDeal wanted to build stronger relationships with merchants and provide an exceptional experience to drive repeat business.

DocuSign Solution 

DailyDeal identified electronic signature as a way to solve their challenges. The team selected DocuSign in part because it integrates directly with Salesforce, their CRM system of choice, and because of DocuSign’s broad use worldwide.


“As a result of implementing DocuSign, we now receive signed contracts back within hours instead of weeks,” said Manuel Hinz, head of corporate development at DailyDeal. The sales process has become much faster and more streamlined now using DocuSign, and there’s no paper needed. A salesperson prepares a contract with all the relevant information and sends it directly via DocuSign. When the salesperson and merchant are in the same place, the merchant signs the contract on an Apple® iPad®.

For remote sales, the salesperson sends the contract through DocuSign, and the merchant receives notification via email that the contract is awaiting signature.
In both cases, the documents are signed on the secure DocuSign Global Network. Because DocuSign follows Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament, DailyDeal has complete confidence that contracts signed with DocuSign are legally binding.

“The legality and security of DocuSign are essential to assuring confidence in the signing process,” said Hinz. “We appreciate that DocuSign holds itself to global security standards, such as the ISO 27001, and is legal throughout Europe, including Germany.” Thanks to the time savings achieved through DocuSign, aswell as the faster and easier sales process, DailyDeal has also implemented DocuSign as part of its customer service experience.

“DocuSign makes it easy for us to save time and money, while streamlining business processes,” said Hinz. “DailyDeal is able to grow faster and more efficiently with the help of DocuSign.”