DocuSign in Life Sciences – Insist on It

Leading pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers are using DocuSign to move from inefficient, paper-based workflows to fully electronic processes. Learn how leaders such as McKesson, Boston Scientific and Medtronic are using DocuSign to streamline critical document processes to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, maintain compliance, and improve patient outcomes.



Pharmaceutical companies

The process of getting pharmaceutical products to market depends on collecting and retaining a large number of signatures. For clinical trials, sales and sample management, KOL agreements, and a wide variety of compliance processes, obtaining signatures on paper is highly inefficient, fraught with errors, and puts you at risk. Use DocuSign to streamline these processes, reduce costs to your business, and improve your compliance stance.

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Medical device manufacturers

From sales contracts to compliance processes, service agreements, and supply chain contracts, gathering signatures manually is slow and costly to your business. See how medical device manufacturers are using electronic signatures to increase efficiency and lower costs in core business processes while ensuring better regulatory compliance.

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