Solution Brief

Contactless Inventory Solutions with DSI & DocuSign

Touch-free, cloud-based applications reduce person-to-person contact.

Customers, vendors, partners and internal stakeholders all want fast, easy and contactless mobile solutions to improve supply chain efficiency, while keeping employees safe. DocuSign, with DSI, an inventory management software provider, have created touch-free applications to address this and remove paper processes in the field.

The combined power of DSI® Cloud Inventory® and DocuSign frees up a business’ most important asset–its people–from having to worry about manually comparing inventory against contract terms and potentially missing critical contractual milestones.

Remove Paper Processes in the Field with Features Including:

  • Electronic Signature: Reduce driver holdup by automating processes to reduce costs, contact, printing, and errors. Provide immediate proof of delivered items to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Digital Document Sharing: Automate processes to reduce costs, contact, printing, and errors. Sign, digitize, store, and share documents with customers.
  • GPS and Photos: Geo-fencing and electronic notifications eliminate the need for drivers to go into pick-up/delivery facilities. If drivers are asked to leave packages at a delivery site and take a photo, they can use GPS technology to verify the location.
  • Remote Approval: Mobile apps allow workers to share a signature capture link via email or SMS. This enables remote signoff even when customers are not on site, such as installation, deliveries, or remote work sites.
  • Document Retention and Sharing: Offer centralized, on-demand access and automated sharing of stored documents. Eliminate delays and resources involved in document handling or missing documentation.

Download the Solution Guide and also receive a link to a webinar recording of how, with DSI and DocuSign together with a mutual client, improved inventory processes and are keeping workers safe.

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