We’re pleased to announce a new set of updates for DocuSign for SharePoint Online! If your team uses the SharePoint platform, this integration allows you to securely send, sign, and track important documents from any SharePoint Online library, on any device.

For detailed installation instructions, check out our DocuSign for SharePoint Quick Start Guide. You can also view the DocuSign for SharePoint Fact Sheet or a step-by-step demo video for a quick, shareable overview of how it works.

New Admin Settings

At the heart of this update are three new features for SharePoint online administrators. To access the admin settings, simply locate the DocuSign for SharePoint Online application, then navigate to Admin Settings. We’ll explain the three new features below.

Admin: Change where signed documents are stored within SharePoint

When a document is signed and completed, you can now decide where the document will be stored. From the Admin Settings screen, locate Completed DocuSign Documents, and click Edit. You have three options:

(1) Store each signed document in a dedicated DocuSign folder in the originating document library.

(2) Store each signed document as a new document in the originating document library.

(3) Store each signed document in a site or folder of your choice.

Admin: Change the naming convention of signed documents

From the Admin Settings screen, administrators can now choose how completed documents are named. When a document is signed, “signed” will be added to the end of each file name – but you can also add (1) a timestamp, (2) the name of the recipient AND a timestamp, or (3) the name of the SENDER and a timestamp.

Admin: Choose whether signed documents are stored as a new “version,” or a brand new document

From the Admin Settings screen, administrators can also choose whether signed documents are (1) saved as a new version of the original file, or (2) saved as a brand new document. This setting applies only to single-document, PDF files only.

Redesigned Check Status Screen

When a SharePoint user sends a document out for signature from any document library, DocuSign makes it easy to track the document from the Check Status screen. Click the DocuSign tab, then Check Status. We’ve redesigned the screen so that users can quickly see which documents are completed while keeping track of documents that require action or need additional signatures.

DocuSign allows SharePoint organizations to increase productivity, reduce costs, and delight customers! Click here for more information, or visit the Office Store to get the app.