Our world is changing fast, and one of the fastest changing businesses is Real Estate. Mobile devices are saturating this industry—I don’t know a single real estate agent who would say they can live without their mobile phone and tablet. Just a few years ago that wasn’t the case. And think about the importance of social media in your business and personal lives. We are doing things differently, and sometimes it’s hard for us to keep up with ourselves and select the right solutions.

Today at Inman’s Real Estate Connect I had the honor of sharing some ideas onstage about how being on the leading edge of the digital revolution creates success for real estate agents. What we’re seeing throughout the real estate industry is a revolution taking place in the Cloud.

The one constant here forward is change. The world is evolving at an incredible pace, and smart businesses are adopting technology to compete, and connect with their customers. There are three main areas we see as critical to be competitive –

  1. Mobile – everything is turning mobile, starting with your customers.
  2. Digital Transactions – not just documents, but the WHOLE transaction
  3. Trust – in the digital world, trust is vital. Especially when you go beyond simple social networking and start sharing business data.

Cloud technologies like DocuSign’s electronic signature platform – not to mention myriad other marketing solutions and other tools – are an important part of how today’s real estate agent does business. The challenge is that we must ensure we’re using technologies that let REALTORS® do what they need to do: execute transactions that are fast, simple, secure and legally binding.

When it comes to electronic signature technology, the reality is that it’s easy to find software that let you sign things with a signature through an app or cloud solution. What’s less easy is building software that creates a reliable, legally-binding signature.  This is a basic of contracts.  It’s the responsibility of everyone in any transaction – ever, anywhere – to be reliable or the agreement all falls apart. Anyone who’s bought a home knows the nightmare of having an agreement fall apart as it moves toward closing.

In the slides I presented today, I want to emphasize that TRUST is the core basis for any technology you use day-to-day in the real estate business. TRUST is essential to see transactions from showing to close and build a successful business.

Today the idea of trust has gone digital, and extends to the tools you use in your transactions. Building trust through secure and legally binding transactions is core to building a better, faster way of business. This is fundamentally different from the perception of trust when there is a wet signature on paper. Trust is not just an emotion or a philosophy. Reliability is defined by laws and requirements that are set by banks, title companies and many other stakeholders in the real estate transaction.

So how are you building TRUST with the digital revolution in your own business?