In a scant three weeks, we’ll be celebrating the digital business event of the year – DocuSign MOMENTUM 2015.

From March 10th – 12th,  we’ll sync on how the philosophy and functionality of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) transforms businesses from top to bottom.

That’s super exciting by itself, but what’s even cooler is that we’re dedicating this year to trust. Simply put, this means that you should always digitally orchestrate transactions, document workflows and, eSignatures with absolute reliability.

Symbolically, the final handshake seals with deal with a force of confidence.

Since the global marketplace is our oyster, ‘digital handshakes’ (or sealing deals and partnerships via digital transactions) enable epic growth.

However, too many of us are still leveraging paper to facilitate the processes that lead up to sealing the deal.

But where’s the reliability in that? Nothing is in your control; you’re dependent on the Fax-machine Gods or benevolent courier services. Let’s hope your handwriting is legible if you have to scan and then fax a signed contract. Paper kills our faith in modernity.

None of this drives trust for any stakeholder. None of this drives trust for your own success. It’s just a ball of stress and stress kills…energy and happiness. And isn’t it a trend to squash stress for the sake of productivity and health?

So let’s reinstate trust:

  • Step 1: Figure out where you use paper the most
  • Step 2: Sound the word to co-workers that there are paperless platforms that are committed to bank-grade data security, workflow transparency and mobile availability
  • Step 3: Get everyone psyched and involved so your digital transactions lead up to a digital handshake that seals the deal with gravitas (and with more deals to come)
  • Step 4: Come join fellow digital business natives and newbies at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2015 in San Francisco from March 10th – 12th

This isn’t your typical user conference, it’s a community gathering where everyone is eager to share how DocuSign’s DTM platform makes a difference. Let’s also take it one step further – DocuSign MOMENTUM 2015 is about enabling each other’s trust in paperless workflows and processes.

Register here to join our community and experience digital business transformations.