Every day, constituents ponder how their government could scrub away the inefficiencies and congestion that plague government agencies at every level. Despite a collective insecurity over government and technology, a simple fact is often neglected: paper still requires more time. Today, corporations and individuals benefit from DocuSign’s digital transaction management solution, which is a tool that streamlines business workflows, guaranteeing timely efficiency. 

DocuSign invites you to participate in our webinar, Three Benefits to Build a More Efficient Government with eSignatures (click here to register) where we’ll walk you through how digital transaction management will replace wasted time and resources in favor of efficiency and results. Constituents and government officials will soon forge a symbiotic relationship through this new streamlined process. Without clutter and red tape, imagine the possibilities. 

Consider the mundane task of submitting applications for passports via mail. For both the passport’s applicant and official, a paper application guarantees personal attention and assurance. However, consider this passport’s trajectory from both perspectives. The paper application’s itinerary includes a trip to the post office and a journey to the passport bureau before being passed around to the correct officer. Its final resting place is an overwhelmed inbox– papers strewn and stuffed – before eventually returning to the applicant.

Likewise, for the government official, they face unreasonable demands for immediate turnaround while working diligently to maintain accuracy. Following the consideration of time, officials and constituents face the possibility of human error and mismanagement that only leaches more human and financial resources.

Everyday, government agencies exhaust time and resources to stay afloat with public needs. As the nation eases in the second decade of the 21st century, its leaders and public officials deserve a technology that echoes the new frontier enjoyed by corporations and individuals worldwide.

According to Ombud, e-signature is a tool that mitigates high-risk and waste. Transparency is a virtual guarantee through the product’s comprehensive audit tracker; never again, will a stray paper go missing or be victim of tampering or counterfeit. To echo the words of Mikel Gerle, Special Events Coordinator of West Hollywood, our webinar will show you how “eSignatures…put a fire under the whole process.”

We look forward to helping you usher in a new era of efficiency!