One thing’s for sure: Digital-forward companies surpass their competition. According to the MIT Sloan and Copgemini report, “The Digital Advantage,” digital-forward companies average 13% more revenue, 19% higher market valuation, and 50% more profitability than their competitors.

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While there’s no argument about the benefits of adopting digital transaction management (DTM), making the leap can still require guidance. DocuSign’s Knowledge Market provides just that in their complimentary white paper, “Influencing Adoption of DTM Use Cases: Using a Metrics Model as a Strategic Adoption Tool.”

In this paper, you’ll receive straightforward tips on how to influence DTM adoption rates in your organization with a specific emphasis on the metrics you’ll need to accurately measure and improve DTM Adoption. You’ll also receive a sample worksheet in which you can analyze and track the adoption profile of any use case.

Ready to get started turning those non-digital transactions to digital? Check out the white paper here and you’ll be on your way to keeping life and business moving forward.

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