It’s just getting light out and you’re lying in bed, blinking awake. Your phone lights up every few seconds, seeming to blink back at you, reminding you that messages from your disgruntled managing director likely await.

The merger. It’s been hovering over you for weeks now and the evidence lies in stacks of paperwork at your desk.

Home life blurs with work life. It’s inevitable. And while there’s no substitute for the satisfaction that comes from putting in your all, there’s also no replacement for real vacation. Thankfully, leveraging technology allows you to balance your work life with your home life.

The digital age is the perfect time to be in financial services. Because the inefficiencies that once plagued many (ahem — we’re looking at you, perpetually toner-less printer) just don’t have to be an issue anymore.

While we applaud any getaway for the stressed-out worker, this summer’s undeniable vacation of vacations is the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Here’s a sneak peek of how you + DocuSign + Rio = a superb vacation uninterrupted.

Close the Merger in time for Opening Ceremonies

Who wouldn’t want to give the torch relay their undivided attention? While we can’t prevent a merger from stealing away your vacation time, we can empower you to handle whatever business comes up thoroughly and efficiently: DocuSign allows you to view, analyze, and approve any documents sent your way and offer real-time input.  

Swap Leveraged Buyouts for Boxing

Last-minute LBO that needs immediate sign-off? Give any errors an undercut: DocuSign allows you to approve and initial instantaneously so you can catch the match in time.

With the new DocuSign Transaction Rooms, you can organize relevant excel reports with the appropriate agreement for efficient review.

Want to Catch the Gymnastics? Stick the landing on that IPO

Need to review a client’s initial public offering? Whether you’re ready to give the green light — or want to specify edits still need to be made — DocuSign allows you to provide feedback straight from your phone or tablet. Which means you can put the device away sooner, and get back to cheering on your team!

Digital workflow, Real vacation  

In a rapidly-evolving world, it’s technology itself that can provide us the freedom to unplug and appreciate longstanding traditions like the Olympics. No matter your career, or your destination, here’s to finishing work efficiently — and to wanderlust.
To learn more about how DocuSign can help you experience vacation, uninterrupted, click here.