Working in real estate industry gives you a deeper appreciation for interior design and architecture than your average joe. It’s your job to notice the finer nuances of homes, to become an expert in the difference between crown and cove molding.

Which means what when it comes to camping this labor day weekend? While you may thrive on late night chats by the campfire, or indulging on marshmallows hugged between a graham cracker and the milkiest of chocolates, you may or may not be thrilled by the prospect of sleeping in a bag on the ground.  

Enter glamping — a portmanteau of glamour and camping, it’s the go-to vacation for the busy professional who wants to experience the beauty of nature in instagram-worthy style. From North America to Asia to Europe, the world is filled with destinations and resorts committed to providing visitors all the unique benefits of camping such as the natural beauty, the sounds of the forest, and the star-filled night skies — without the drawbacks of sleeping on twigs and/or wild animals.

Combined with DocuSign, your glamping experience can be uninterrupted and peaceful in 3 ways:


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So good it never yurts — Offline contract editing: You’ve upgraded from paper to DocuSign — which means you can make last-minute changes at a client’s request — even from the forest. Even from bed.


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Close s’more deals from around the campfire: The buyer’s offer has been accepted. which means you can deliver the good news and final contract via DocuSign. But even better? You can close the deal with a celebratory marshmallow roasted the perfect golden brown (or burnt on the outside– if that’s your thing).


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Brighten up a listing with details in DocuSign Transaction Rooms under the starry night sky: 

Work is, inevitably, work. But is it not best done under the bright light of the Big Dipper? With DocuSign you can add last minute details to a property, then continue your search for Venus.

Want to learn more about how DocuSign allows you to efficiently, yet thoroughly, handle business so you can wanderlust (virtually) uninterrupted? You’ve come to the right place. 

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