Being an architect takes determination, self-discipline, and years of studying. But as they say: those who work hard — should they not play hard? Enter Burning Man 2016: The perfect escape for architects with a case of wanderlust.

Not only is the annual gathering in Nevada home to many unique structures and art installations, it may be the only opportunity you ever have to:*  

  • Frolic in the desert while wearing a cookie monster dress filled with LED-lights
  • Witness 100 toasters simultaneously thrown in the air and captured on film
  • Visit a jazz club, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night

Burning Man is known for its commitment to inclusion, unique self-expression, and lack of money in favor of bartering — should it not also be an opportunity for you to detach from your device in favor of breathtaking art installations, or dancing the night away?

While there may be no such thing as unplugging entirely, living in the digital age means you can review blueprints, consult on upcoming projects, and sign important contracts in a few taps — so you can get back to partying inside a giant wooden horse filled with purple foam. A few other ways DocuSign lets you take care of business so you can get back to your summer fun?

Approve blueprints: You spent months conceptualizing that new apartment building, and although you’re on vacation, can seep into PTO. Need to check the final blueprints before you mosey over to a neighboring camp? With DocuSign you can review your blueprints, provide the final signoff, and rest easy knowing business is finished.

Prepare docs for contractors: Need to make revisions to a contractor doc last-minute, and initial those changes? Done and done. You can now return your device to your bag and go join the aerialists dangling from silks.

Consult with a client: Your opinions are potentially crucial to an upcoming build. While there’s no substitute for an in-person consultation, DocuSign allows you to review and approve proposals straight from your mobile device. Which means you can spend less time buried in paperwork and more time lying in the sand with your buds, stargazing into the night.

Here’s to Burning Man 2016, and finally capturing that elusive work-life balance.

Want to learn more about how DocuSign allows you to efficiently, yet thoroughly, handle business so you can wanderlust (virtually) uninterrupted? You’ve come to the right place.
*All real Burning Man occurrences.