The Tabby Awards shines light on the most innovative mobile apps from around the globe.

Through July 25th, mobile devotees worldwide will vote for the app that made the familiar swish and tap a treat. We’re absolutely thrilled to count DocuSign’s mobile app as a contender for the Top Personal Productivity App!

The current finalists bring together a global community of 92 apps ranging from the prolific to the up-and-coming. Apps such as The Huffington Post and Prezi green light valuable productivity; we’re honored to be among brands that lie at the tip of the mainstream tongue.

This competition is the voice of the people; we’re in the business of keeping your business digital with tools that move processes at light speed. In nominating DocuSign, you’re raising the flag for more tools that add zing and value to your business and your life. Paperless is no longer a movement, but a preferred way of life.

Thank you for trusting us to streamline your transactions. With your vote, you’re encouraging us to lead the charge with even fuller force.

Our customers will always remain the heart of our business strategy. From Real Estate to Healthcare, we are loading up our arsenal to offer all industries the tools that keep productivity crackling.

We hope that with DocuSign’s mobile app, you can sign any document from the beach with your feet steeped in hot sand!  

By clicking here to cast your vote for DocuSign, you’re rallying for digital efficiency that spawns productivity! Thank you so much for your support.

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