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Visibility is the New Black

Have you ever wanted greater visibility into your company’s workflow and sales leads? You can now monitor contracts in real-time to transform the way your company does business.

Business intelligence tools allow for greater transparency and accountability in the workplace, reducing the reliance on assumption based decisions. In a busy marketing and sales department they can allow your team to concentrate on the clients who have read your contract email and are ripe for the next point of communication.

About two years ago, one mobility management vendor was experiencing rapid growth, but as more and more customers signed up, the sales organization ran into some challenges. Although they used Salesforce for their sales team and Zuora as their quoting engine, signing sales contracts was completed via a manual, labor intensive pen and paper process. This was inefficient for both the reps and the customers. 

Furthermore, the vendor didn’t have visibility into where contracts were or who, within their customers’ organizations, was required to sign them to close the deal: 

“It was hectic,”said the vendor’s Senior Director of Finance and BusinessOperations. “We needed to automate the process instead of running around wasting time and money on printing, signing,scanning, faxing and chasing paper.”

Today, the vendor  automates hundreds of sales contracts per quarter using DocuSign. “Our reps love it,” says the director.“It has become so central to our process that at the end of the quarter our reps joke about how they have to sit at their computer and watch DocuSign. The visibility DocuSign provides into our sales contracting process is incredible.”

“Better visibility is a benefit that we weren’t really thinking about when we first started using DocuSign,” he continued.“The reps like the improved visibility into our customers’ approval process.”

“As for me, it makes my life easier because I sign off on all sales contracts. On the bus on my way to work I’ll pop open DocuSign and approve million-dollar sales contracts on my mobile phone, before I even get into the office.”

Greater processing visibility can also decrease internal pressures; instead of long reporting updates on the status on documents or deals, managers receive real-time updates as contracts are completed. This means a huge increase in efficiency, as energy usually spent following up employees is better spent elsewhere in the business increasing revenue or productivity.

The digital transformation of business is sped up through business intelligence tools that enable maximum productivity potential to be realized, and create seamless communication of business transactions in real-time.


  1. Great Read! Keep it up with the mobile access!

  2. Being the only admin for 4 office locations is solely due to Docusign, without it we would need someone in each location to manage workflow. With everything automated it makes it so easy to stay organized and on track.

  3. I have our Demo sales force with DS on all their mobile devices. With DTM they can see where the document is at a glance and even who hasn’t completed it yet. When you have 12 people on the same number with just an acknowledgement things can get pretty dicey sometimes.

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