It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and we’re continuing our celebration of friendship with a tribute to the one and only SAP. One crucial component of a solid relationship is having common interests and similar goals.

Case in point? SAP and DocuSign’s mutual devotion to simplicity: Simpler solutions, simpler workflows, simpler business.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper valentine without a bit of verse — so here is our homage to SAP:

An Ode to SAP

Application software twould never be the same

Once SAP joined the enterprise game

Streamlined processes, live data and more.

We were hooked from the start – efficiency galore!

So the question beckoned: Should we team up?

But of course — for the sake of speed, twas a must!

And so we did

to make businesses quick.  

sales were faster — it was a win-win.

For businesses and users across the globe

Speed increased, truth be told.

Hiring was simpler, visibility improved

And so we consider our pursuit

Of simplicity and speed in the digital age

All the better, thanks to SAP, this Valentine’s Day.

Want to learn more about DocuSign + SAP? Learn more about this full digital solution for your business here.