Fun fact: Google gets its name from the word “googol,” a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes.

And yet — we could profess our unwavering admiration for Google a googol times over — and it would not be enough.

In simpler terms: Google, we like you.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we’re penning odes about some of our oldest and most valued friendships.

Google, this one’s for you:

An Ode to Google

Signing quickly is divine

But more divine from Google Drive

Better yet from Google Chrome

Gmail, GSuite — work or home.

Let’s be honest: You’re a verb

And intertwined with daily life

When asked to sign — why minimize?

Instead, makes sense to sign straight from

The Google apps we know and love

No closing tabs —

No switching apps —  

Pretty, pretty, pretty neat

Pretty Suite we think indeed.

Google, all that’s left to say?

We value you in many ways.  

Want to learn more about DocuSign for Google? May your wish be granted.