Let’s be real, we’re going to glued to our phones just as much as the live action buzzing at #Dreamforce.

I bet your Twitter app will be open next to e-mail, so why not take the opportunity to catch up with the Top 5 Salesforce MVPs so you’re in the know at all times.

And don’t worry, the rapid fire tweeting is all about the #DF14S (most of the time!)

So, tap on that Twitter app and add the following five and dive right in…

@MoysieK – Kris Moyse is your guy for all things CRM proximity, start-ups and #DF14Battlefieds…let us ask, are you #teamBenioff or #teamHilary? Stay tuned to #DF14Battlefieds for all the drama. 

@GeraldineGray – Your source for #GirlyGeeks @Dreamforce, Geraldine mixes up the latest in hot business apps, Dreamforce mood music…and practical advice: 

@DarthGarry – Garry Polmateer just keeps it real and shares awesome blogs

@amber9904 – Amber Boaz is your social cheerleader with great tips on making the most out of #Dreamforce. She also reminds us to make #DF14 the year of #DFGives by encouraging Dreamforcers to give back: 

@Kwongerific – Need business tips that upgrade your current reality? Look no further than Brain Kwong who shares how keep business totally digital:

What Twitter feeds are you addicted to?

Let us know using via #DF14S!

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Happy Dreamforce Week!