Coming off of a strong Momentum 2013, lots of people have been tweeting about DocuSign.  The most frequently tweeted topic this week was the Forbes article on Momentum, DocuSign’s annual user conference.


People are also still tweeting about DocuSign’s acquisition of Cartavi, the fully DocuSign integrated real estate document and process management solution.


Mid week, DocuSign introduced the Sign Here Challenge.  The challenge is simple.  Don’t put pen to paper to sign anything for three months.  Already, brave, forward thinking souls are forging ahead into the paper free future by accepting the challenge.

There was also a lot of chatter about a recent DocuSign case study.  DocuSign has used a targeted LinkedIn InMail strategy to create three large customer pipeline opportunities.  Read the full article for all the details.


And, of course, we always love to hear how DocuSign is saving YOU time and money.





And, my personal favorite …